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in my area, north san diego county

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January 24, 2013 in Preparedness


Hey there infowars people,
I live in north san diego county and I feel like I am the only person other than my immediate nieghbor in my area who is actually awake to all the shit going on right now in our government and country. Is there anyone else out there in my area? I’ve tried spreading the word to wake people up, but it has proven to be easier said than done.

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4 responses to in my area, north san diego county

  1. Come to the lovely suburbs of Southern Orange County. Look into the eyes of many and behold, soulless, unaware masses of their own enslavement. I feel much the same man. SoCal is a very strange place. A place where ignorance is often a choice in a moderately middle class area. I’m a Headbanger, I wear Heavy metal gear all the time and people are so sheepish I get looks of fear a lot, glares and if I speak on something relevant (even to my own immediate family) I’m a cook in their soulless eyes. Being yourself is a strange thing to a majority I guess. You are not alone man.

  2. Escondido is asleep :(

  3. I can relate here along the border here in southern New Mexico. People seem to be more concerned with watching TV and trying to be ‘trendy’. You are not alone.

  4. I’m awake in Alaska, and it seems like every other person here is awake to some degree, like 30% of wakefulness in different fields, such as corporate corruption, the terrorist scare tactic, and the evils of socialism.

    Maybe join the Campaign for Liberty?

    I discovered it from meetup.com, check it out.

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