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If you think 12/21/2012 is insignificant, THINK AGAIN!

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November 25, 2012 in Preparedness


While the date 12/21/2012 is very unlikely to be a doomsday event, the idea that we won’t have problems on that day has a good chance of being a misconception. First off, the sun and the center of the Milky Way will align on that day, and anyone who has studied the work of David Icke knows that the sun is nothing like what mainstream science tells us it is like. The sun is not powered by nuclear fusion! Rather, the sun is part of a universal web of energy and an increase in solar activity is a sign that a large amount of energy that transmits this universal web has reached the sun. The universal web’s strongest point in the Milky Way is the center of the galaxy, and when this galactic center and the sun align on 12/21/2012 it will allow for the center of the galaxy to emit a lot of energy to the sun. This energy will allow for a relatively large consciousness expansion for humanity, but on the downside the energy has a good chance of shutting down some of our satellites in orbit. Anyone who saw the 2012 episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura can understand why this would be a problem.
Futher, many people will be going to sacred sites on 12/21/2012 to meditate. These people have good intentions and will do this because they believe that meditating on a large scale can suppress evil in the world. While this idea that lots of people meditating simultaneously can suppress global evil is true, these people will be causing quite a lot of damage to planet Earth when they do this because they will be meditating “synthetic consciousness energy” which is based on religion. Sadly, the religions of the world were invented centuries ago by the power elites (who were reptilians if you believe David Icke) in order to suppress human consciousness. Religions suppress consciousness because you can’t elevate your consciousness if you follow a rigid set of beliefs which tells you that humanity is a piece of shit and must follow that set of beliefs to not be a piece of shit (for real, religions teach this.) When these people meditate religion-based consciousness on that day, they will be damaging the Earth, and Australian consciousness expert George Kavassilas has warned that the reptilians (yes, he says they exist too) will be able to use this to their advantage.
On the other hand, if these people who will go to sacred sites on 12/21/2012 were to meditate “true love consciousness energy” instead of “synthetic consciousness energy” then they truly would suppress evil on a global scale. However, Kavassilas and other people who understand this realize that most of these people will be meditating the latter energy and that is where the problem lies.
So if you know anyone who is planning to go to some sacred site on 12/21/2012 to meditate, PLEASE DON’T LET THEM MAKE THE TRIP!

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11 responses to If you think 12/21/2012 is insignificant, THINK AGAIN!

  1. Came into preparednes section to find out how to survive in cold or maybe find out some new other tehniques on survival or any good tips on preping.. and found this.. Yeah.. now i won’t freeze :)
    I’m not saying it’s bull what you wrote. There could be a grain of sence actuly.. But is this realy the right section for it?

    • Sure it is. We have to PREPARE for the satellites in orbit losing power, and we must PREPARE for all the damage those people will inflict upon the Earth on 12/21/2012.

      • Maybe we then should all prepare for the case if all the chinese will jump at the same moment and shift the axis of the earth that way? :)
        All that new age stuff is bull.. All those imbeciles who think that they are awake while use pendulum to make every decision do the harm on the society on everyday basis by not giving they friends a chance to realy awake and become aware of the world, but suck them into this dream like life of “meditation” and cristals and vibrations.. They can’t even make a decision on they own for gods sake! If you can’t do that – what can you do? Even if they all farted at the same time they couldn’t make any more truble they already are making.. not even talking about if they sit under a tree and dream that they are meditating :)

        Ok.. i must admit that yes – new age was created by british inteligence and that can be a way to trick people into performing rituals that they do not understand and that even if you don’t understand the ritual and think you worship God, while you actualy perform a satanic ritual – you will still give the dark forces they energy of ritual. And maybe you have some reason to worry about whole bunch of jerks performing rituals they don’t understand at the same time.. Rituals should not be taken lightly.. But seriously, lets not exaggerate the numbers and the potential true spiritual strenght of these weakminded people. All they “spiritual” lives they have done nothing but crap, they have not had real spiritual experiance, for most of the cases they do not live a truely spiritual lives despite the fact that they think they do.. in fact – the whole new age movement was made up to keep people away from true spirituality.. What can they do? They are empty as barbie dolls.. A child at age of 3 has more true spiritual power than 99% of these guys..

        We here have some very good woods, some ancient sacred grounds where all kinds of stuff happen. And you know – there’s a huuuuge diference when you walk those woods with newage meditating kind of shells and when you walk the woods with oldtimers who live in that place for generations. Old timers talk completely diferent things, they see diferent things and you know – only with truely spiritual people i can understand what the hell they are talking about and feel some of those things. Most of those meditating people.. they are just magician wannabees :)

        So in short – i’m not worried about them at all. They have spent they lives in fake unspiritual practices fooling themselfs with british inteligence made up lies.. they have nothing they could do something with. What can a person do that had so much GMO soy foods as new age people :)

        There’s alot of things we can worry about.. and it’s up to each of us – wich of these things are worth worrying about. I understand why you think this is worth to do so.. But unless you know a shiny poncho that will protect people from meditation of unspiritual people – i don’t see this being a preparednes isue :)

  2. How then do you account for OMG? Every one says OMG so there, proof! NaNah… lol

  3. Infinity dimensions? Or do you mean one is of the most high? The human race is the ultimate creation of this solar system. I do not understand your concept of dimensions, do all occupy this space or is it that every dimension above the other are more control freaks than the last? God is real and I’m grateful that He cares about humanity. There are many other human races throughout this galaxy, are they also subject to reptilian rule? I personally know Jesus is real and don’t see much truth or logic in David Ickes theories.

  4. I just got done watching the movie “They Live” and I think David Icke helped write the script or something. I do not believe that faith in God and meditation thereof is negative. The Creator has reached out to mankind so how could meditation towards He who made nature be considered synthetic? If there were such things as reptilians then something far greater had to created them. If those creature existed here throughout the centuries then there would be no hope because they should have already been light years more advanced unless they are complete idiots and need humans to advance technology for them which would be farfetched since they were already supposedly intergalactic. Yet I guess David considers this all a false reality anyways so what’s the point then? Do these reptilians wield weapons? Couldn’t they just appear anywhere and easily murder whoever they wanted and then go invisible again? Or is it just like the movie from 1988 “They Live”? Where inter-dimensional creatures are disguised as people, control the world’s elite, and are spraying chemicals to alter the atmosphere… Anyways if you actually think God is trying to tell you that you’re a piece of shit even though His Son was sacrificed for humanity than you are sadly mistaken. God gave all life and preserved this world so we may live.

    • First off, the idea is that we are in the 3rd dimension of consciousness and the reptilians are in the 4th dimension of consciousness so they have control over us. There are probably 5th dimensional being controlling the reptilians, and 6th dimensional beings controlling them, and so on. And the only “Creator” is INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, not some god (or God if you only believe in one true creator.) We are all infinite consciousness and the body is just a telescope thru which we perceive the world in a suppressed state of consciousness. Our consciousness has been suppressed by the power elites. And if you actually believe that Jesus was real, I regret to inform you that the similarities between Jesus and the Egyptian god Horus are so strikingly obvious and numerous that only a batshit lunatic would think they are not the same entity. Likewise, Horus bears striking similarities to the ancient Babylonian god Tammuz. Sorry, but religions are fake and were invented by the power elites to make us follow a rigid set of rules which in and of itself suppresses our consciousness. There never was a Jesus, Mohammed, Budda, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, King Solomon, Moses, and the rest of the big names in religions. THE HUMAN RACE HAS BEEN HAD!

      • Infinity dimensions? Or do you mean one is of the most high? The human race is the ultimate creation of this solar system. I do not understand your concept of dimensions, do all occupy this space or is it that every dimension above the other are more control freaks than the last? God is real and I’m grateful that He cares about humanity. There are many other human races throughout this galaxy, are they also subject to reptilian rule? I personally know Jesus is real and don’t see much truth or logic in David Ickes theories.

        • A “dimension” is a level of consciousness. We are in the 3rd dimension, and in the lower 4th dimension where the reptilians are alleged to be there is no concept of time (they are in the LOWER 4th dimension because they are a fear-based and not love-based entity). Beings in the 5th dimension have crystalline bodies and do not need to eat/sleep to survive and don’t need to have sex to reproduce, and beings in higher realms of consciousness are even more complex entities. All this is based on the teachings of people who have had contact with beings in higher realms of consciousness (the youtube channel in5d offers lots of testimonies from these people). I will admit, it’s kinda hard to describe in detail since us 3rd dimensional beings cannot adequately imagine what these higher states of consciousness are like, but there have been lots of similar testimonies from people who have had contact with these higher consciousness beings that one would have to think that there is some truth to the idea. It sounds like a religion, but all this is just a higher level of science, and since the power elites try to keep us in check by suppressing our consciousness, they do everything they can to make sure mainstream science never talks about this stuff involving higher dimensions of consciousness.
          I also encourage you to watch the 2007 documentary “Zeitgeist” which explains, among many other things, how Jesus and Horus are the same entites. David Icke isn’t the only guy who says religions are fake. If you refuse to believe what they say, then that’s your choice. All I know is that the evidence backs up what I’m saying here.

          • What ever hapened with hight, lenght and depth being dimensions.. and time being probably the 4th dimension, while there are theoretical posibilities of more physical dimensions that are just as much of a theory as Darwins brainchild – evolution and are just being used for higher math constructions and making movies like “the cube 2 – hypercube” (but to be honest i realy liked the first and third movie about the cube)..
            Since when does 3 dimensional world became some sort of level in a game where 3 dimensions is not a matter of mesurment, but has something to do with spirituality and beings that have more dimensions than lenght, hight and depth are more spirutaly evolved? Do you realy use words for they meanings or just because it sounds realy grate to say “infinite” and “dimension” several times? :)

            seriously guys… dimensions are not levels of some kind.. You can imagine a world and structures that has more than 3 dimensions, but that does not mean that there are lizards in hypercubes :) Those hypercubes are just a fruits of imagination of very advanced minds of mathematicians.. those are very very intresting constructions and very intresting things to ponder about. It opens mind without drugs. But it just does not mean that there somewhere IS 2 dimensional world with 2 dimensional beings that see us as lines.. For gods sake – stop living in a dream world of theories. Just because there’s a theory.. that realy doesn’t mean anything :) You can’t even construct a hypercube anywhere besides your imagination :)

            And why dimensions? There are many intresting higher math theories that alsow could hid some “lizards” in them.. for example topographical geometry will blow your mind on how objects can be described. Does that mean that you are a “ball” or “doghnut” (if you count in the hole between mouth and ass)? Could that mean that “balls” are on lower level of spiritual evolution that “doghnuts” and that “lizards” are like “double hole doghnuts”? :)

            I get the idea of paralel universe.. it’s a good idea and such theory could be prooven at some point.. But since when a paralel universes are numbered “dimension number 3″, “dimension number 4″ and of course – “dimension X” (where all the movie monsters live)? I might not understand some things, but i think you have something seriously messed up with meanings of the words you use.. :) Wich for it self isn’t bad.. it’s very popular among people nowdays. But realy stands in a way if you want to explain something as complex as “infinite” and “4th dimension” :)

            Don’t parrot after David. Go and look up the theories he is basing on and try to understand those theories, those works in those fields.. and then look at what you will get.. They are realy intresting. You won’t waste your time. Seriously.

          • I’ve seen parts of zeitgeist and find their arguments childish. Alex Jones knows Christ is real. I understand there are higher divine levels since Christ is of the most high. But perception of “dimensions” are far beyond human understanding. I know God created the universe so I figured out how the terrestrial planets are made, Jupiter conceives earths. So either I’m some puppet pawn or a neo figure.. Which I am neither. We are what this solar system and planet was made for. This universe you see is not a facade and God has been preserving this planet. We all should be very grateful for existence.

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