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How are you preparing for an economic collapse?

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December 22, 2012 in Preparedness


How are you preparing for an economic collapse?

Respect to preppers!

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2 responses to How are you preparing for an economic collapse?

  1. C said on January 5, 2013

    I have 6 months of food, water, other supplies and I won’t need electricity too.
    I have A LOT of silver
    I have many weapons
    I am debt free
    I have cash stashed
    I stay in fighting condition

  2. How I would prepare? Got some tips, this one on getting food if you are low-income or are on a tight budget: I am someone who doesn’t earn a lot of money right now and am on food stamps. Even with little income, you can still prepare. If on food stamps, get canned goods and eat the ones that expire first. When you grocery shop, dig in the back of a shelf to get the ones that are the newest editions—they always put the ones that expire first towards the front. Get your dry goods together. Food stamps also allows you to buy seeds (as long as it is food you can grow for yourself and family to eat). It will most likely be seeds from a store like wal-mart, kroger, and maybe even home depot but you can. Since food stamps may be the main source of your food income money, be sure to meal plan so next month, you can continue to get what you need in case the stores go empty because of inflation and financial collapse. Remember what happened in NY and NJ? People had EBT Cards with the funds on it, yet because they had no power in the cities for a while, no one could purchase food unless they had cash on hand. Another good idea is if you are on food stamps, try to plan your meals for the month and get all you need in two shopping trips for that month, so something like that does not happen to you. Do all of the above as well if the vast majority of your money is in your bank account — get all you need for a months time and keep some cash on hand. Maybe even gas up your car before coming home each night or every other day. Keep a can of gas at home as emergency gas for your car should pumps go empty again. Safe container of course. Gas stations have a designated area for you to fill up small gas cans. Keep them as backups and locked away safe where pets or kids can’t touch it.
    I guess lists like this can go on and on. What are some of your tips?

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