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Haven’t given up…Im fed up.

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January 20, 2013 in Preparedness


I understand hard times but thats no reason to give up nor be negative. Im here to be a friend and encourage others. I know Im not the only one who has been affected by a corrupt system. Now is the time to set aside problems and focus on what one needs to do to survive and take care of family and friends. The last thing the government needs to see is us mad or afraid,we must bold, rational, and work together. Im ready to die for freedom,and will take several down with me in that case. I do not condone violence but am in support of self defense!

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2 responses to Haven’t given up…Im fed up.

  1. We also have to be prepared to camp out in a tent, walk away from a comfortable home and otherwise hide out in the wilderness for a long while. Most people are too afraid of that possibility and rather than face that people avoid the issue.

  2. Let them tap in to my camera or mic, one might change their view or learn something that will help them. We want to win people over not feed into war or negativity!

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