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Have no money need to prepare ADVICE PLEASE

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December 15, 2012 in Preparedness


like the title says im broke as fuck and need to start prepping for the collapse of this country i dont have a degree or any college education so i cant get a job besides walmart or something small thats obviously not gonna cut it here are some of the following supplies i need – Freeze dried food with long term shelf life, a year supply of it would be suitable i think. guns at least a few of those like 3 or so. those are main things and also natural herbal medicines that you can buy legally that last awhile medicine for pain. headaches, the common cold etc. so i ask again what can someone with no money do to buy these expensive items SERIOUS/HELPFULL ANSWERS ONLY I DONT HAVE TIME FOR CRITICISM THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FORUM FOR FREEDOM AND PREPAREDNESS NOT TROLLS THANKS TO ALL OF THOSE WHO HELP ME

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10 responses to Have no money need to prepare ADVICE PLEASE

  1. I, too, am unemployed, near retirement age, and recently disabled. But I want to live, so I’ve been prepping. My family thinks I’m crazy, but if the SHTF I’m sure they’ll come hungry and I’ll be able to feed them. My family of origin lives in another state, so bugging out to band together with them is unrealistic. However, my ex in-laws are gracious people who own a small place in the country near a lake, and that’s where I expect to run to;

    So being unemployed and on SSI, it’s been a challenge. I bought a pressure canner and spent the summer and fall canning. I buy meats that are marked down as they near the expiration date. Ditto that with veggies that are marked down. I am physically somewhat challenged, so I set up a small garden, mostly tomatoes, and I’ve canned about 75 pints of tomatoes. I’ve also canned beef, chicken, and turkey broth, soups and stews, as well as pure meats that can be used for survival and/or for bartering. Learn a skill that will be useful. I am stocking up on canning jars and lids. I am refurbishing an old treddle sewing machine (they use no electricity, you pump them with your feet) and patterns to make clothes.

    In our city they allow households to have up to 6 laying hens, so that’s on the agenda. I also learned how to make wine. They say bars and insurance companies flourish during hard times. I expect wine may be useful for barter.

    Otherwise, legumes and pasta, (or some other carb like bread or rice) prepared together makes a pure protein. Stock up on peanut butter, rice, dried beans, pasta, dry milk, cans or packets of tuna fish, and any sale items. little by little. Whenever you empty a milk jug, rinse it and fill it with water. You never know when you’ll need it.

    Security will fall primarily on my grown sons. I don’t own a gun or any other weapon, but I’m considering a flare gun. I imagine it would bypass the usual wait time, it would be cheaper than a gun, and be lethal when aimed center mass. That’s what my father (rest his soul) advised, and it makes sense to me.

    Good luck to you and yours. And work on that anger. It sucks to be upset all the time, and other people will find it off-putting. Hard times can make hard people, but nobody wants to be the target of ranting. LIfe’s hard enough, and getting harder, not just for you, but for most of us. Be tough with survival instincts but cooperative and nurturing in relationships.


  2. well, check this out. you know that salmon and tuna that comes in those air tight pouches that can last up to 3 to 4 years or longer if it’s never opened? that will work. i do it, and i do it from the dollar stores , but its usually name brand items. same as can goods. you can buy fresh green or if you own a garden….they can be canned.

  3. The other post are great. You do need some kind of income. Depending on were you live, think about shoveling snow for money. In the southern U.S., think about yard work! Do you have access to a pick up truck? There are people who might hire you to haul away stuff to get it out of their home. That stuff might be worth something. I know a guy who collects used books and sells them at he weekly open market. Elderly people will hire you to fix things do yard work and move stuff. Also, day labor exist. The guys who stand out in front of Home Depot. With income, their is prepping.

  4. I like the above response from bitzandpieces, however there was not much detail in what to buy (when you get money). The Gun and bullets are not the first things to get. Look at this list for how long you can live without these items; Air (minutes), water (hours), food (days). Get some filter masks at the dollar store (free at the hospital if you must). Get some sort of water filtration unit. This may be as simple as coffee filters. Combine this with activated charcoal, put in filter and fold. Pour water through this pouch, on top of a coffee filter to help the taste. Then use non-scented bleach to kill the nasties in the water. Check on-line for dilution ratios. Food, first buy extra cans when you shop. You will stock up on the basics. Then if you have a selection, then try recipes with mixing these ingredients together. Keep these recipes since you are used to the food mixture.
    Now first aid is important. Buy bandaids, tape, gauze, aspirin, anti-diarrheal, aloe vera gel, etc.
    You bug out bag. Buy an excellent pair of boots (second hand if needed). Buy a rugged coat for the season. Back Pack, knife, buy several space blankets, 550 paracord, tube tent, food (high energy fruit or nut bars, solid foods), water (pouch or canteen), toilet paper, pancho (or rain gear), long burn candles (firestarters and/or matches), soap, toiletries, gloves, cash (small bills & coin).
    Now your stock pile of things to have around the house. Hoard toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, oil, liquid (and solid) cleaners, spices (salt, pepper, spices – variety) any type of long term storable food, painkillers. Visqueen (plastic sheeting, or large trash bags), duct tape, bailing wire, aluminum foil, hand tools, how to books (buy from second hand stores), seasonal clothes (outer wear), baseball bat (second hand of course).

    You have to do your own preparation list to prioritize these items to buy. You will not be able to buy everything today, you will have time to purchase these items. So plan what you buy this week, stick to your discipline. Don’t buy anything on impulse, on sale or at regular price unless it is on your list.

    Then when you have some extra money (yeah right) then get the .22 rifle and bricks of .22s. This will protect your life, others and the things you have prepared. If the collapse happens, pick up arms and ammo in the field. Until then, you have a good knife and a bat.

  5. Hey SkullFreak,

    I agree, we’re all in this together, and we have to fight as one cohesive unit. It’s “We The People” against the elites…And they’re gonna kick our asses if we keep bickering amongst ourselves. I feel your pain…

    So, let’s talk prepping: :)
    I too, have the old Italian disease “Mafunzalo”…BUT, if there’s a will, there’s a way. For now, start off slow. Even if you have a crap job, you can still prep. FACT: ANY prepping you do is better than no prepping at all. While I have a good stockpile now, in the beginning I started off very slow. Basically, each week when I went food shopping, I’d buy a couple extra cans of soup, canned veggies, organic seeds for my garden, maybe a pack of band aids, batteries, bulk oatmeal, you get the idea. If you see something good on sale, or cheap…grab it! Start cutting coupons, too! Save even more money. After a couple months, you’ll be surprised how much you have stocked up on…You “can” prep “on the cheap”. Just look for sales at the local grocery store (canned goods or dried goods), hit Wal Mart, etc etc….There’s TONS of great items to be had in these stores. Hell, even the “Dollar Stores” can have some great things…Flashlights, batteries, toilet paper, asprin, first-aid items, candles, plastic bins, bottled water, tarp, etc etc… prep items don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. I also sell stuff on Ebay and use the money for more prep items.

    Freeze dried foods?…yeah, very expensive!…BUT, you can still prep (long lasting) food on the cheap, just by looking into larger (bulk) bags of rice, beans, cereal, noodles, oatmeal, dried fruits, pasta, etc etc. And get a vacuum sealer (Food Saver) Awesome item for preppers!!! There’s hundreds of awesome YT videos on prepping with a Food Saver, AND you can even BOIL the bag in water to heat up your meal!!!

    As mentioned, a .22 rifle is pretty darn cheap, very effective, and the ammo is cheap as hell…You can get a couple hundred rounds of .22 ammo for the price of a few Big Mac’s, and a couple orders of fries! OR, grab a good cheap shotgun for around $200 to $300 bucks, and shotgun ammo is also dirt cheap. Just go to Wal-Mart! You can get all your guns, ammo & food all at the same place! :)

    Also, as Ryan mentioned, learn some bushcraft from YouTube videos (AND it’s free!) hehe Check out PackRat556 channel, for starters. I would also recommend a pistol, BUT, depending on where you live, your State Laws, your budget, and cost of pistol permits, it might be out of your price range (at the moment)…If you can’t afford a pistol at this time, it’s not the end of the world…just get something! Get a .22 rifle or shotgun, at the very least!!!

  6. Get on youtube and learn Bush Craft A.S.A.P. Also pick up a .22 lr and a pistol. I would get a .22 pistol so you can use the same ammo and it’s cheap.

  7. Here is a little advice for what its worth. Do what you will with it.
    1. You have your work cut out for you. It is never a guarantee that you will receive help or win the lottery so you need to bite the bullet and help yourself. Any extra help will come as a bonus. Besides, I personally am not planning on keeping company with anybody who is not already moving in preparation because I cannot afford any extra burdens. Do your best not to be a burden to anyone who may be a potential asset.
    2. Get two dead-end jobs and maximize your income. Collect cans (in Alberta we can recycle bottles and cans for 10 cents each. It all adds up) Do all that you can to make money. As long as you are dependent you will need money in order to afford the expenses necessary to become independent.
    3. Minimize your expenses. Change your values so that you spend your limited funds on the things you need to survive. If you have a vehicle, live in it instead of paying for rent. Get a cheaper phone, second hand clothes, etc. but dont compromise on your health.
    4. When you are able, spend your money on basic needs; food, (or ways of getting food, hunting fishing, trapping etc, though if you live in the city this may not be prudent), water (invest in a water filter; water problem solved) and shelter (a tent). You’ll need a back pack to carry your things in. Get good walking boots.
    5. Work, work, work your way up until you can afford more elaborate survival devices. There is no magic bullet solution to survival. Evolution will sort out those with the will to live from those who without it. (those willing to make the sacrifices necessary to survive have the best chance of surviving)
    6. Enjoy the journey. This is the adventure you were born to follow. Embrace it.

    • 7. Bitterness is for you a more looming enemy than the NWO. Even in a perfect society, your bitterness will ruin your life. Bitterness is the root of your anger. Anger properly focused is actually good, it is a survival mechanism, but bitterness and unforgiveness are different animals completely. If you do not deal with this issue then no amount of preparation will help you. You will need to forgive those people who wounded your heart. You need to face your pain with courage and compassion or else bitterness will destroy your chances of leading a meaningful life, especially in a apocalyptic world. By your own admission you cannot hold down a job because of your anger (I assume this is repressed anger due to relational trauma, which is better defined as bitterness). Healthy anger can be an uplifting and empowering emotion. Unhealthy anger will kill you and harm your relationships. Far be it from me to give you council on your emotional life but you did ask for help, so I offer what little I have. Peace.

      • thankfully i checked up on this im guessing there isnt a way to follow posts oh well BUT anyways thanks for your reply very helpful and whatnot i have had bad relationships in the past but thats not the reason i just have anger issues bi polar maybe idfk when the time comes ill most definitely focus the anger in the right direction im evil and rotten like these guys but unlike me theyve got alot of power to do the crazy shit there doing but in the end evil and good people have to ban together because weither your good like you or evil like me we are all targets they dont care how nice or mean you are your just as good as dead to them but not if we can fight this together im going to start talking to my grandfather (hes old and stubburn and not awake yet) about this real threat and try to have him watch endgame or something and print out some articles at the library by me and try to get him to make a contribution to help us out just a few hundred bucks a month will work im sure im going to go no craigslist and try to sell some old stuff i have for the money im thinking of some ideas the freeze dried food websites are so fuckin pricey bro its pathetic uggggh idk what else to say message my inbox if u want to tell me anything more thanks again

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