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Has FEMA told us that on October 18 the ’October Surprise’ goes live?

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August 6, 2012 in Preparedness


I monitor FEMA through their alert service. A few days ago, the following was in my in box: FEMA announces ”GREAT SOUTHEAST SHAKEOUT” 10-18-2012 at 10:18 am. 2 weeks before the election. This drill covers all of the Southeast for ’earthquake preparedness’. In addition, there are 9 other regional ’shakeouts’ (some international) scheduled for the same day. http://www.shakeout.org/southeast/regions/index.html

Really? 2 weeks before the election. Earthquakes? In the South? Coordinated with different regions? Huh?

Then this nasty piece of propaganda I found on WMD showed up the next day: Low-tech EMP to send U.S. back to ’Stone Age’?
Experts: Attack with 50-year-old SCUD would turn America into ’government by disaster’ http://www.wnd.com/2012/08/emp-would-give-america-government-by-disaster/ written by Homeland Security — basically saying Iran could attack the USA with a trawler, a scud, and a atomic bomb (claiming they have one) at any time and the EMT emissions would wipe out our entire electric grid.

There are 140,000 participants (so far) in this one region, including  the Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex and NALF Fentress (Navy bases), Virginia Beach, VA, Missile Defense Agency Headquarters, Fort Belvoir, VA, Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Yorktown, VA, and, of course, Homeland Security

Maybe the link between the two is tenuous, but my false flag radar is up for 10-18 @ 10:18.


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8 responses to Has FEMA told us that on October 18 the ’October Surprise’ goes live?

  1. I posted this when I heard the same info on low-tech EMP attack risk.
    My second information source that I linked was the move of the patriot missiles to Philadelphia. That doesn’t make any sense on the surface of that particular information. If they are responding to an attack real or threatened, then that move makes sense. Combine these and this seemed to match up to too many of their agendas. The fall of the US Dollar, and the economy, taking out of financial markets (in NY and Chicago) wealth redistribution (by the banks keeping your money), the move of the capital to Denver, the martial law, the gun confiscation, the need to take resources as they need, Agenda 21, all of it.

    I don’t have a prepared list or anything, but here is what I see and some of the ways to minimize this event if you are in an EMP affected area.
    An EMP attack is like one of the worst case scenario to prepare for. If you are in the affected area, run out and buy water filtration like a Berkey, Propur, Katadyn or other gravity fed filters now. Buy unscented bleach for water purification, download instructions on it’s use and print it up. Get to know the nearby water sources, including pools and above ground water. If you don’t have many water sources nearby, buy an inflatable pool and fill it. Buy fire starters, camping stoves, charcoal or propane for the grill. Your meat in the freezer will not last more than a couple of days in the closed freezer until it thaws. Buy long term storable foods now and scratch cooking ingredients. They cook up with the water and fire from above. Relief may take some time to get there, as most of the east coast will not have any trucks running. The EMP takes out the solid state electronics and the grid is down so no gas pumps anyway. They will need to syphon the gas out of the tanks, if they are up and running. All of the available trucks on the west coast will be confiscated to get the relief effort going. If you have these basic supplies, then you are prepared for the first month or so. Now the starving masses come to loot plunder and pillage. You need to protect yourself and your family. Buy a gun, lots of ammo, a bat, a knife, or a sword, etc. A good flashlight and a lot of batteries is always in order. Research and print up articles on preparedness, all the things and skills you are weak on. Buy preparedness books at second hand stores, books on how to do everything, first aid, nursing, boy scout handbooks, anything camping related, scratch cooking, home repair, etc. Buy first aid and medical supplies like crazy. Buy pain killers, antidiarrheals, powders, lotions, antibiotic ointments, vitamins, minerals, etc. Once you have these things, get your money out of the banks and into Gold and Silver for wealth preservation and barter. Get your priorities straight in your mind, what you are willing to do for your family and how far you will go to protect them and yourself. Finally, get your spiritual house in order.

    I hope we don’t have this horrific event here in this country.

  2. It would take a very crude Nuke to send us to the stone age. One like we dropped on Hiroshima. It does not have to be big to make a very effective EMP. Infact some of the newer ones are kinda weak on that area, I thought about this issue a few years ago and I came up with the same kinda scenario. SCUD type of missle could be hidden easily within an oil tanker and then shot off really quickly. Our response time to this would be nil. Gulf of Mexico would be the perfect place for this and have it explode 250 miles above Kansas and say Colorado and the entire US and most of southern Canada and Northern Mexico would be in the dark for atleast a year if not more. Nasty thin an EMP and we (THE US) have not tried to prepare for one.

  3. Keep us alert, and call into Alex’s show to detail it.

  4. Its very interesting that those two numbers were selected, they are highly significant!

    1) (Luke 10:18 KJV) And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    Satan is a Title for the Fallen angel Lucifer.

    2) Numerologically speaking:
    A – the number 10 has been determined to mean – an unstable new beginning.
    B – the number 18 in Jewish Kabbalah means: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18; a coded reference for the number 666.
    – 666 (18) is the number of the Antichrist referred to in Revelation 13:18 – where the number 666 is identified.
    C – The Antichrist upon coming to power will identify himself as “Lucifer, son of the dawn” = 666 (in Latin)
    – the Title “Lucifer, son of the dawn” (in Latin) – is the Language of the Holy Roman Empire after the pattern of Charlemagne – a union of Church and State! Guess which pseudo Christian Religion we are talking about here?

  5. Get the word out to State reps in this region,by us expsoeing this plan out in the open,the domestic enemy cant implement this plan,by us knowing about it.

  6. keep watching the alerts keep us posted

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