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HAARP Modulation Building: CA. @ 6 and Rising:

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February 15, 2013 in Preparedness


It would appear that we need to watch the next 7-10 days and the where and how this culminates…




                   And yet another “6” reading, building on 2012 DA14 day… image

And for you “Down Under”, looks like T.P.T.B. are at it again… We will see. Go to the site to keep up on the changes…   

         Here is last nights “Chemtrail Forecast” for reference, and comparison… image

I have to say that the sunrise this morning was such that I would not go outside! In less than 100 yards it looked as if there was enough particulate matter to “fog” the view… This, I saw, from the shores east of the east coast… Respiratory issues, anyone?

NOTE: While this is an old take on the density of aerosol particulates, it is the first time I can remember that the “HAARP” modulation was/is not correlated. New tests? Do “They” feel there is enough Sun dimming detritus? After all “NASA” recently boasted of how “They” had successfully dimmed the Sun’s rays by 20-30%…  And This is Where I Say …  EXPLETIVE!

For Your consideration: Otter Walks on Two Feet…  Survive-All…  15/02/13

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  1. Just some info for those whom have never seen maps like this:

    Magnitude System – This project has developed a way to measure the magnitude of change in the ionosphere due to HAARP. The scale is from 1 to 10. Zero to One magnitudes are pretty normal while anything over five would be considered moderate and possibly significant, which can alter a weather pattern.

    • Greetings, Affirmative… I can only hope that people look at the top Color code bar to see the activity. As well, I do this in the hope that people will begin their own searches and evaluations of the information as it goes through its changes… Be well… o… 15/02/13 “DA14″ Day…

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