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HAARP-Chemtrail-Forecast for Sunday January 13th, 2013…

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January 13, 2013 in Preparedness


Today, I find that you, in Australia, have been added to the “HAARP” wave collection system. Here is todays HAARP and Chemtrail forecast…




And next the Chemtrail forecast for the U.S. …




Survive-All… Credit to “HaarpStatus.com”… I must say, while New England may not be showing Haarp in use at this moment, the air is a fog of metallic waste that you need not test! You can taste IT!-!-! … That is, between coughing fits…

Be well… Survive-All… Otter Walks on Two Feet… 1st Nation Iroquois, Mohawk…  13/01/13

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7 responses to HAARP-Chemtrail-Forecast for Sunday January 13th, 2013…

  1. Let Divine wrath be upon the inventors, makers and doers of chemtrails! This I decree as a Jewish believer in Christ in the name of Jesus the Christ!

  2. Havent sprayed for a few days here in colorado.

    • Greetings Brian, So, how is the old hunting grounds? ( CO. )… Glad to hear that you are not seeing them… It is my experience that there is so much particulate matter in the air that even the CO. Blue skies are only seen from the highest of elevations. My point is that even on clear days, you might check for the ozone level in your area. The ozone is formed from the saturation of the skies with the toxins, where upon the sun coming through changes them from individual particles, into ozone… The spraying on one level is just used to have the raw materials suspended in the air. So, while the skies may be free of visual spray, there may still exist a particulate concentration that awaits the suns energy to act upon that system catalyst… After you have followed the ebb and flow of this systems permeation, you will see a new angle to their use… I lived at 7200 ft. in the late 60′s and from there went higher as you could see the pollution coming up the canyons. Having moved to 9400 ft. I gained a few years of cleaner air. I finally went to the west slope and other regions to evade the slow kill that was upon us… In the end, well, what can be said? There exists a sad, sick, mind set that is ending Life… For what reason, I can only reach back in memory to a time that exists through the memories of the ancestors that suffered at the hands of genocide…
      Sad sick minds; I guess that answers it…
      Oh, but I sound so negative… It is but the truth that we seek to dispense… Survive-All… ( Enjoy your clear skies…) Check the ozone levels… Be well… o… 15/01/13

  3. They started drawing some interesting lines in the sky here in the SF bay area Sunday.

    • Greetings, Very sorry to hear that… It is still a mist of metals bathing the air here. ( East of the East coast…) I am about to add an Israeli N-95 gas mask to my ensemble… Kidding! Oh; maybe I was not… Be well… o… 14/01/13 Survive-All…

  4. Greetings Aurelien, Sorry to bring potential news that is heaped on top of life in France today. You can watch it daily and see if it seems true in its forecast. I put this sites forecasts up once in awhile to get people to check it for themselves. My contacts have made it clear that the program is in action. It is up to us as humanity, to make the changes that are needed to Stop this Eugenics agenda… Be well… o… 13/01/13

  5. fuck me i’m french (south-west) and it’s not looking so great for me on your maps xd

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