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HAARP-Changes/Chemtrail Forecast: February 4th, 2013…

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February 4, 2013 in Preparedness



That is a dramatic change… So, TN. would seem the center of a frequency boost in the M2 or short wave bands… Gamma rays, beyond X-rays, are shorter wavelengths Nuclear processes in atoms produce this kind of radiation, which has more energy and greater penetrating power than X-rays. Food producers use gamma ray devices to kill mold, germs, and parasites in fruits and vegetables. People can work with gamma radiation only behind thick lead shielding… 


   Sorry “Down Under” ; A quick look around, so far nothing to report… ( ? ) 






It would seem that in overlaying the U.S. HAARP map with the existing particulate, aerosol, Chemtrail Forecast, we get some form of correlation.  (?) … 

For your consideration…. Otter Walks…  Survive-All…   02/04/13

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