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HAARP @ 8 Spreading: Heating Large Areas:

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February 19, 2013 in Preparedness


Here is what can be gleaned at this time… The sites that map HAARP and Forecast Chemtrail Aerosol disbursal are down. No one knows why? I advise against it but, a search will get you to updates on “Face Book”…

One Bee Davidson said: “It says the site doesn’t exist now. How’s Australia’s map looking? We are having strange weather here at the moment… 
For comparison here is the map from February 16th 2013, followed by the 19th, posted in the early a.m. .  That makes it one half day past already, and LOOK at it!         





In referencing different schools data angles there is much to this build up if you remember your history and, add to it, the future plans we hear of…  Since the Maps and Forecasts are not online there is much dialogue about what is happening. We will see… I will not replay all of the words here, I will say that as to solar flare activity, there may be an earth glancing blow. The CME is recent, while we have been watching this plasmic energy build since Around the 10th or earlier…  For your consideration: Otter Walks on Two Feet…   19/02/13

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