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HAARP @ 10 In North East: Chemtrail Map 02/08/13

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February 8, 2013 in Preparedness


Rather expected to see the convergence of Particulates in the air with this happening. From New Jersey North through MA., and inland into NY. State-10! 



            Here is the most recent Chemtrail Forecast for the U.S. …


Here comes something… Yesterday Prepping for this “Storm” I saw multiple people that were totally out of sync. They appeared to be in a phased out space unable to think of their next step, lost as hypnotized. One or two that I know could be communicated with and said: that, “Everyone I have ( they had ) seen was under the same issue…  They are not sick from a bug, there is something else that kept getting worse. Listen my head and theirs too they are hollow! There is nothing there…” (Taps his head with his knuckles… ) “See, hear that nothing there!” What is this… Not being one of the topics that we talk of,I simply agree. This is a multi lingual, chess champ, with business skills…  Do I feel it? Something is in the air, and it is getting heavier with time. It feels like someone turned up the gravity over  the last week.  

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