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gold versus alternatives

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February 21, 2013 in Preparedness



the other day i watched this video: http://youtu.be/2Pn2PndVIbU.

the top rated comment was: Gold sucks. It’s a scam/bubble. Most of the gold floating around is tungsten anyway. I keep all my savings in Zimbabwe Dollars. All those investing in gold are conspiracy theorists and need to get a life.

i said: how is it a scam? it’s been the only real unmovable currency standard for thousands of years. conspiracy theorists? how about economists?


i got these replies:


Even tally sticks served better than gold for a few hundred years.

Check history.

Mr. royal (top commenter) is using sarcasm, check-out Zimbabwe Dollars.

Here’s why it is a scam.

They hype you to buy up gold “gold is the future” :”yeah buy gold derp”.

You buy gold, millions of halfwits to –> price goes up. YOU PAY A LOT for your gold and THINK you are safe.

2017 GOLD crashes ( the years is random, but it WILL crash make no mistake about it ).

Price of gold PLUMMETS.

The smart rich guys who have put their money in REAL assets, the ones everyone ALWAYS needs BUY YOUR GOLD for NOTHING.


You now have NO MONEY and NO GOLD left.




so. who is right?

is gold actually NOT the best idea for financial preparedness?

what other things are good ideas for financial preparedness?


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1 response to gold versus alternatives

  1. The question is whether the dollar is better than gold. The dollar has crashed a few times and is set up to fail… probably before 2017.

    Has gold ever “crashed”(a price drop does not = crash), and how did this crash negatively affected people, was it worse compared to the dollar crashes?

    It isn’t a currency, it’s what currency can be based on. We could have a black, open market using gold as a standard, anytime.

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