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Global Cooling And Their Designed Timely Take-Over

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January 8, 2017 in Preparedness


Often one can imagine ancient priests using their knowledge of the planets to predict the occurrence of an eclipse or a comet’s return to sway their profane worker population into acquiescence to their demands of superiority.

Similarly, the knowledge of present day solar output and past global solar cooling cycles may have become a modern tool in the same regard for the priests (now described as globalists) to proclaim superiority over present populations. Man-made global-warming (or now change) becomes the public training and then blaming over-population as the source of the problem rather than greedy international profit-based industrialists (mostly globalists) corporations. Their actions of deception and wicked social engineering demands their need for security and thus to massively reduce the profane populations before too many become wise of the plot in place.

The Western Nations need to be taken over first to create “Fortress North America” in the new world zone and once subdued and under secure control, then the rest of the world can be targeted.
The conversion of politics is already well under way in North America. Canada has be souled out.

Technology will be installed into a new culture or cult of people who can communicate with each other through thoughts using their computer brain interface. But their superiority will fail if the communication grid is taken off-line. Once the non-brainchipped, profane masses of slaves know to interfere with their communications then they loose some of their advantages or superiority. It is really a hell they have planned for the profane. With the solar minimum presumably bringing food shortages… what perfect timing for a larger impact.

A reasonable prediction once the solar minimum has valley-ed is that farmland north of latitude 45 degrees will be out of any production. Canadians will want to move south…

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