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Features to Look for in a Water Heater for Your Home

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December 15, 2017 in Preparedness


As far as water heaters go, you want to end up with a water heating system that will meet the needs of the occupants. When choosing a heating system, you should get one that will not just provide hot water in your home but also has other features that are beneficial for you. You should seek expert help so that you can end up with an ideal heater. The installing company should have the expertise to help you make this decision.

The features the heater should have will be dependent on how you use the system in the first place. You should therefore make a careful assessment of your hot water needs and find a matching heater that will take care of these needs perfectly. The assessment will enable you to find the best heater for your home. Some of the considerations that you should have in mind include:

Heater type

You have many options when it comes to heater types. You can go for gas heating if you have ready access to natural gas lines. Other options include solar and electric heaters. You need to pick an option that you have easy access to as this offers more convenience. The option you pick should also adequately give you heating that is available when you need it.


The choice of heater size will depend on the number of people using the hot water. If you have many occupants under one roof, you want to have a heating option that meets every one’s use of hot water. You can opt for large hot water holding tanks. You can also use heaters that heat the water on demand. This at-source heating means no prior heating of the water or need for storage of heated water. At no time will the hot water run out.

Safety features

Hot water can cause serious accidents. You should be able to control the water temperatures adequately. The heater should offer these safety features. In instances where you are dealing with little children, you should be able to cut off the hot water supply meaning that at no time will the child get in contact with the hot water.

Energy saving needs

Energy savings allow you to control your environmental foot print. Find a heater that consumes less energy but still works efficiently. You will end up not using much electricity or gas to heat your water. This has an echoing effect on the gas or electric production. Careful use of resources, in this case gas or electricity, limits the exploitation of the resource and thus helps in its conservation.


The heater should help to lower your energy bills. It should therefore be energy efficient and work as it should at all times. Ensure that you have it undergo maintenance as this service helps to prolong its life. It also helps to maintain its efficiency. Low energy costs require you to choose a heater type that will be beneficial to your expense budget.

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