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Eugenics: The Foundation of Globalists…

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January 25, 2013 in Preparedness



Eugenics is to the NWO an end game. People have been infused, covertly, with talking points, that are the catalysts of, beyond heated, debate. Their programs, through the use of Bernaysian Propaganda, have people looking at life backwards. As example: Treating illness symptomatically,  does not lead to the root causation,  an untimely end all, both economically and physically. The “Green Agenda” goes through threads that come from “Eugenics”, and is based in extermination of humanity at the cost of the environment.

Eugenics is to “Geo-Engineering”, the Narcissistic belief that “They” should have more. The way that happens, is less Us. Extremists positioned in education, teach Agenda 21. You can read Al Gore,“Agenda 21 And Population Control”. Do not forget “TED Talks”, with the ever more transparent agenda, in our faces, becoming dominated by Globalist Double Speak, and out right lies!       Programing the Program!

Hillary Clinton, “Population control will now become the centerpiece of U.S. Foreign Policy”.

Do you see a trend here? Globalist, NWO, U.S. Politicians, “Environmental Organizations”, National Geographic “SOCIETY”,  Royalty?, “Obamanism”, media-T.T.- CNN et al. , Tyrants, Planned Parenthood’s founder and agenda, Paul Ehrlich-(recent post by o…) there should be quotes from Bill Gates, Carl Sagan, MAO, Hitler, G. Soros, and all of the long list of “Eugenicists”…

Brzezinski, Kissinger, Al Gore, and many more have written Manifesto’s revealing the Agenda 21/NWO agenda. Bankrupt “The Republic”, Propagandize false programs, Creating division of/in thought and actions, “MAD” science that goes to all aspects of Life.

Eugenics is to Genocide, Aerosols are to climate change (Global Warming), Narcissism breeds Population control freaks, “Global Elite” (Really?), GMO is another Population Reduction Agenda, and Mathematics as Religion, with its Actuaries and Algorithms creating threads such as the disinformation of “Sustainability”…

 Paraphrasing Joseph Stalin, “One mans death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic.”

Liberty, equates to our Freedom, in that, our Freedom to Live. From the air, to water, the Earth, our foods, medicines, all of the input that makes us bound as products of our environment, a direct attack is upon us. That quickens, given a  mind set which buys into the core essence of Eugenics Philosophy…

  in “Resistance” has a post, “30 Population Control Quotes…” for more on the who’s and their organizations…

Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet…  Survive-All… 25/01/13 

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