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November 17, 2015 in Preparedness


The USA largely effects the world. How about we get off the globalists’ plantation? To truly live requires liberty. Security is measured by the love surrounding one another. This living planet wasn’t and won’t be the only to exist here in the solar system. Life is abundant throughout the universe yet for whatever reason the establishment doesn’t want people to know of that. Immense governmental corruption has become almost insurmountable conceals even the fact instantaneous intergalactic travel is real and it’s happening by other lifeforms. So just imagine what else might be possible. The simple prerogative is just to figure out what’s right. I’m confident that on a level playing field men and women overcomes the adversity to what’s naturally endowed. The world and earth are at conflict. We have the capabilities and wits among us to get rid of tyranny ruining an actual free system. Open discussion is obviously key yet the media these days usually stifles it and prescribes poison on a regular basis like it’s normal. Why would any sensible person latch onto a beast and then expect peace? The globalist system that’s being put into place is built upon a sense of destruction. The way these people think isn’t anything like a sane person could imagine. Sure we can grasp an ideal of such but that doesn’t really mean much if their plan goes accordingly. Their expectations are set high even though evil can only set new lows. They’ve missed out on accolades but in reality they’ve absolutely fallen short every time due to their current course. It’s high time to take out their main circuits of deception because in peace we all truly win which is why they want to bring us war.

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