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Chemtrail Forecast: ( Friday ) – 28/12/12… HAARP Real-time 1:00 A.M. EST.. ( ? )

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December 28, 2012 in Preparedness


  About -The Chemtrail Forecast Systems was developed to show you real-time forecasts across the United States, eventually the world. When they spray, residual chemicals gets carried in the upper atmosphere and this system tracks WHERE the heaviest concentration of chemicals is and/or where they’ll spray more within the soup already in the area. 

This has been brought to you by TheWeatherSpace.com Networks - The network responsible for HaarpStatus.com

Anyone against this Website is a shill. We do not like shills. 

o… Adds… One more time, here is todays forecast from HaarpStatus.com… Raising eyes to the skies…  

There was a unique “HAARP” situation showing both the U.S. and Europe maps with all stations reporting real-time “Blue” everywhere. Have never seen all but no HAARP activity… ( ? )… The site reports two of twenty eight stations offline, yet there would seem to be almost zero activity…  











 Well worth noting for easy checks, any time… So take a look and help spread the info. … 

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  1. They spray almost every day all day here in Central Maryland. Like the air isn’t bad enough already. No mention on the News. Ol’ Norm Lewis must never look outside.

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