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Chemtrail and HAARP Forecast: 25/01/13…

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January 25, 2013 in Preparedness





 The HAARP U.S. Map shows a reduction in wave form. I see that Europe and Australia remain unchanged. I would check the Home site for updates. 




                                                                   For your consideration…  Otter…  25/01/13

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3 responses to Chemtrail and HAARP Forecast: 25/01/13…

  1. Greetings herbic07, I have no devices, this is a loner log in I have access to by way of my host. The updates posted are from HaarpStatus.com . There are other real time links within which you may find the answer to your wish. I keep SolarHam.com as my log in page, while bookmarking or having top site options for the quick current amalgam. Weather, Jet streams, Chemtrail dispersal maps along with the “HAARP” read outs; added to the CME forecast, begins to give an overview with regular viewing, and personal experience. Best Luck to you… o… 26/01/13

  2. Nice, I want to get chemtrail/harrp forecasting as an app on my phone!

    • As above… If using “Reply” sends a message notice, I write here so you will find the 1st note… Thank you for taking your time to comment… o… 26/01/13

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