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Building A BadAss Bug Out Bag For A Better Chance at Survival

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May 17, 2017 in Preparedness


Bad-Ass Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag, also known as a battle box or go bag, is a survival kit that should sustain you for at least 72 hours in an emergency situation. This humble backpack is often the difference between life and death in unexpected, SHTF scenarios. It contains tools, weapons, food, water and other elements that help you to battle through catastrophic disasters, both man-made and natural. It allows you to leave the place of danger and ‘bug out’ until things get under control. This has earned it the nickname of GOOD bag (get out of dodge).

Only the well-prepared get through tough times. Others suffer miserably and often pay the ultimate price. Below is our ultimate guide on building a badass bug out bag for a better chance at survival. We hope that it will help you and your family to stay safe.

1) Get real:

Many people are under the impression that they will never have to face an emergency. They think that earthquakes, wars, hurricanes, tsunamis etc. only occur in the news and in films. This callous attitude can put them in grave danger.

Thousands were rendered homeless when the hurricane Katrina struck the Southern coast of America. These people were caught totally unawares. They had to abandon their homes at flee at the last moment. They entire system collapsed. Everything, including public transport and hospitals came to a standstill. A bug out bag would have been an absolute boon during such a time. However, most people didn’t have one and were left at the mercy of nature. They had to live in inadequate shelters, they were exposed to the elements, they were hungry, thirsty, wet and sick. People had to rely on the government for food, medicines and shelter. Ultimately, hurricane Katrina ended up taking at least 1250 lives, many of which could have been saved by a simple bug out bag.

Switch on your TV and you’ll notice that unfortunate incidents take place almost everyday, in every part of the world. So get serious about building a bug out bag as soon as you finish reading this article. Just reading or watching videos about survival doesn’t prepare you for it. You have to break out of your stupefied digital trance and act now.

2) Pick a subtle backpack:

As much as you might be tempted to flaunt your survival gear, DON’T do it! Flashy designs and patterns attract the wrong kind of attention. Think about it logically – you don’t want people to know that you are carrying essential supplies. People get mugged even when times are good. Imagine what happens in during SHTF situations! Men get killed, children get stolen and women get raped – to say the least. You cannot expect people to be �nice’ when their lives are at stake. So be subtle and keep a low profile. Avoid trying to impress others with your knowledge and equipment. You may help those in need once you are out of danger.

3) Water:

You can survive for 3 weeks without food but you won’t last even a couple of days without clean water. Hence, your bug out bag should contain a water bottle and some sort of water filtration kit. The market is brimming with filtrations units to suit every need and budget. Get yourself one, un-box it and learn how to use it properly. Go out to the woods once in a while and practice searching for water and filtering it. Many people forget to include a cup for drinking and carrying water. A metal cup is ideal since you can put it over a fire to boil water and prepare tea/coffee etc.

4) Fire:

Fire provides light, warmth and protection against wild animals and insects (mosquitoes kill millions of people every year). It boosts confidence and can be used to signal for help. Fire is essential for cooking food and boiling water, which is the simplest way of eliminating potentially life-threatening bacteria. You can make fire using just dried wood. However, it takes a lot of skill, energy, patience and even then, success is not guaranteed. A fire starting kit can make things much easier. There are several options to choose from – ranging from a simple match box to sparking flints. Learn to start fires without lighters and matches. You can do this even in your background. (Just don’t burn the house down :)

5) Shelter:

You need to pack an extra set of clothes, socks and underwear. This helps you in case you get wet and prevents you from falling ill. A tarp and a light blanket can be used to make a decent shelter in all kinds of weather. These are the bare minimums. You can invest in a proper tent if you like. I advise erring on the right side of caution, especially in matters of survival.

6) Food:

You can easily survive for 72 hours without food. However, sometimes you might have to bug out for longer than that. Also, you will be able to think much more clearly with some calories in your system. Hence, no bug out bag is complete without some high calorie foodstuffs like meat and bean cans, energy bars, dried fruit, nuts and so on. If you don’t pack these, you’ll have to eat insects and lizards. I hope you like exotic foods!

7) A knife:

An 8 inch knife is a handy tool. It also makes a potent weapon. It can be used for slashing through foliage, cutting up wood and for self defence. You can tie it tightly to a long, sturdy branch to create a hunting and fishing spear.

8) Paracord:

Very useful for building shelters, fastening things to the outside of your bag out bag, tying up bad guys, replacing shoe laces. This list can go on and on and on.

Editors Tip: Check out THIS bad-ass Paracord Bracelet!

9) First aid kit:

A basic first aid kit includes a pain relief spray, pain killer tablets (don’t forget antacids), cough tablets, anti-fever tablets (aspirin, ibuprofen etc.), anti-septic fluid, spirit, small scissors, bandages, gauze, tape and cotton. Take a course on administering first aid.

Editors Note: For more reading, check out our blog post 21 Must Have Items For Your First Aid Kit List

10) Misc Stuff

Duct tape, photo-copies of your identity proofs and other important documents like driving license and bank details, signaling equipment (flares), a compass, a couple of scarves or bandannas, binoculars, toilet paper and other miscellaneous stuff. Insect repellent, maps and a fully charged cell phone deserve a special mention.

Last but not the least, if you’re financially able to, keep at few hundred dollars in cash in your bug out bag. Money matters!

Keep your bug out bag in an easily accessible place in your house. I hope that you’ll never have to use it but if sh#t does hit the fan, you’ll be well prepared.

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