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Blizzard for The Northeast:

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February 6, 2013 in Preparedness


 Here is fresh from the “Matrix”, the forecast weather map for the projected movement of two cells producing the foretold Blizzard…  


                                  Here is what they are telling us to get ready for…  


                                 Sorry, but I know I am not the only one to see this…  

                                                                        “Prime Target”?                                                                                             For your, well, I just do not know…  Something light before the next data dump… 

                                 Otter Walks on Two Feet…   Survive-All…   06/02/13

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  1. Hahaha get your mind out of the gutter! Yeah look at the map from “HAARP Magnitude @ 7 And Rising” the article right under this one posted two days ago. It’s in the same area. How do they detect HAARP activity anyway?

    • Greetings, Not quite sure if that is, as I suspect, disrespect… Yes look at it! Did you not watch the way “Sandy” was moved inland toward Ohio the swing state during the “Appointment” ? As to the build up in modulation and it moving up the coast, that is how the “Weather War Systems” work… Sorry that you haven’t a clue… Time to do the Work! Start some research! Go to a HAARP location and speak with the techies… It did just as it would do and has done, across the world. It is only the general American Public that has no concept of Tesla’s work being used in the refinement of tests, to the end of perfected algorithms. Sorry, not going to invest more effort on someone that starts a dialogue with an insult!

      • Update: @Minerva, I did not make that weather chart… It is from “Accu-Weather” and it goes to subliminal programing… Since you mention “MY” post below, I was not thinking about the insert piece that came up when researching… It is now all over the web, with “Face book” all over it. I do not do “Face book”, or any other data mining systems… Usually, I post under Preparedness as regards “HAARP & Chemtrails”. All too often it would not be proper site usage to hog a category, so, I try to check and find other labels to post in… If you want a lot of hits, put something up under “Activism”. The trouble is that so many people post under that category that you get bumped from the scroll fast, and thereby you stop getting views… Today, you may note that there has been a HAARP update… o… 08/02/13

      • Chill out it’s just an expression people use when someone makes a dirty joke. I know that’s not your weather chart, but you did turn it upside-down to show how it looks like a penis right? Yeah i saw the new haarp map and it looks like a mag 10 right where the blizzard’s supposed to hit. This is getting weird.

  2. Is it not normal for the Northern states to get very cold in the winter?

    • Greetings Brian, Can not argue that… Awaiting the updated HAARP Maps to see the correlation… ( Or not…) See those little dots in the ocean? I am on the triangle, above Nantucket… As often happens, it would seem to me, at this point that we are on the short end of the snowfall, and in the wind belt… We shall see… Chemtrails to start the day, steering something… o… 06/02/13

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