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November 5, 2012 in Preparedness


 Go Viral! 

even they censor evidences this time,

Guilty for Not using HAARP to

Prevent it ! HAARP can also make hurricane go away

as well as can create it!!



Hurricane Sandy EMERGENCY BROADCAST October Surprise Still HERE 11.4.12

Share this video with everyone.
Help the victims.
Lets not have another Katrina . We want to ensure the safety of All the Victims.
Contact your local representatives and tell them you want to investigate geo engineering and you want reassurance hurricane victims will be getting relief.

Geraldo Rivera Superdome Katrina Clip

Salvation Armyhttps://donate.salvationarmyusa.org/newjersey/sslpage.aspx?pid=5228

Investigate HAARP!

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques Document:

Wikipedia : Environmental Modification Convention Weather Weapons Treaty

Flashback: Alex Jones’ classic interview with Dr. Paul Kossey, HAARP Program Director http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKlXSyIsFyY

HAARP – Angels Still Don’t Play This Harp (Nick Begich)

Senators Emails Contactshttp://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Jesse Ventura HAARP Episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDfwHU7Cw6g

What in the World are they spraying? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

Why in the World are they Spraying? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEfJO0-cTis

UPDATED & DOCUMENTED: Alex Jones Interviews HAARP Director

Martial Law October Surprise Predicted in Advance
Geo engineering Watch

Elemental News http://planet.infowars.com/groups/elemental-news/

Infowars.com Videos:

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2 responses to !!!ANOTHER HURRICANE!!!

  1. Yippie! Let’s have a hurricane party! Yeah!

  2. Bankers love to ruin things just to put new capital money in to rebuild…
    Oh, the people dying, homeless in the street, hungry, desperate, destitute, a bonus for their bonuses. Martial law to make the police and military seem like they have power, another added bonus. Ole B.S. Obama acting presidential, priceless.
    I pray for the victims and the displaced families of the “Owning the Weather 2012″.

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