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An Architect’s tool bag

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February 23, 2017 in Preparedness


As any other artist, an architect is a person of traditions and usual routine. For this reason most of architects love order and their own tools for work. With no doubt, one can understand that standard paperboard sheets and pencils will be the must-haves of any architect. But the question is, what else? Apart from these obvious items we decided to create a list of must-have items for any professional architect as well as architects-to-be.

1. Desk. Desk, undoubtedly, is one of the most basic items that any architects needs to have. It should be wide and large one to ensure that project of any size can be placed and worked on it. Make also sure that the desk you are choosing is stable because loose legs will never let you create a precise project with sharp and straight lines.

2. Transparent paper. If you have already been in the world of an architect then you understand that it is frequently about copying uncopiable materials with the help of either modern technologies, or special thin paper. So if you are planning to operate in an office where several professional architects will be working on the same project, make sure to have some paperboard sheets to ensure that you will be able to share your progress with other team members.

3. Packing supplies. Though the name of this point may sound weird to you, it is actually very important to have them. You never know when stretch wrap film suppliers will come in handy to cover your project from wet and ensuring that the client gets it.

4. Camera. Do not forget that all architectural projects today involve the necessity to post their portfolios or current progress online. That means that you need to have nicely looking pictures of your projects and proper photographs of your progress. Of course, you can always use your phone or ask a friend for some help. But if you are planning to become a really professional one, ensure that you always take your camera with you.

5. Measuring devices. In order to do the job properly, every architect needs to measure lots of houses in the course of a project. The important fact here is that even if there is a ready plan in front of you, you still need to double check every measurement and this is where a variety of measuring devices will come in hand.
And the last tip, do not forget that that you will need some supplies to send your projects to the client. So make sure that you have special post tubes and stretch wrap film that will secure your project from any weather disasters as well as human factor of the delivery.

Richard Moody operates as a blogger for a range of digital content hubs, who focuses on a variety of architecture related topics typified by paperboard sheets and other matters alike. A tireless traveler of online space and an opinion maker in anything noteworthy for the architecture and architectures.

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