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Aircraft Deagglomerator – 1974 Patent:

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March 1, 2013 in Preparedness


In 1974 the patent number 3899144 was given to “Powder contrail generation”… WAIT !   WHAT ?-!    Did we vote on this program ?-! 


Interior of jet plane aerosol disbursal system, refined with time, but still linked to the original design specs… 




This is from the original design blue print for an aircraft deagglomerator. To enlarge it, its definition is rapidly lost. You can search the patent and find a number of blue prints which have better resolution.  




                                           Chemtrailing at work…

“radiation scattering ability for a given weight material.”

I assume their talking about jet fuel?

Why would the government want to make contrails more visible then they already were?

Turn contrails into powder???

“to produce a powder contrail having maximum visibility”

What is this patent really for?

The Navy owns it??

Not the Air Force?

Contrails: (short for “condensation trails”) or vapour trails are basically artificial clouds that are the visible trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines.

The Patent states “to produce a powder contrail” wouldn’t it not be a CONtrail any more according to that definition?

Condensation does not make a powder, so how can they call it a “powder contrail??? That’s an oxymoron!!

If it’s a power, it’s no longer condensation!!! Once more, NOT CONDENSATION!!!

Hence the CHEMtrail!  That is logical, yes ?  CHEMTRAIL!!!

The quoted lines are from the patent # 3899144-1974! 


                          The end result as we have seen for many decades… 


                One of the systems functional aerosol delivery mechanisms… 


   There are more images of these aircraft systems to be found, they are just not easily found… 

For your consideration: From NWO Productions: …  Survive-All…  o… 01/03/13

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