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YAHOO NEWS ASKS “IS THERE A GOD?” here is my reply

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May 14, 2017 in Politics


This is the original link to this story https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/f0a78ca5-b618-35d1-aca8-65986de5f468/ss_does-god-exist%3F-some.html

Or just go straight there http://www.newsweek.com/god-faith-religion-science-does-god-exist-existence-god-608897

ok see if you can stick with me and find out this truth of the matter i have heard nobody use… This really is something i have tried to discount, but every description of “GOD” it is the description of something that does not have a caporical (?Phonics spelling?) body. But let me describe this logic..

what does not have a body is energy as a effect and spirit as in thought. everything is created by god as well as energy? or the other way around that gods energy power everything? either way we can agree now it is energy that lays at the bottom of this question.

We dont need to answer the question above to prove god. All we needed was to find a term for the evidence we seek as it refers to god.. the one thing we can now prove is God has an effect either creating energy that powers our world, or is a byproduct of god essence its self. we need only to know that energy needs to be one of the factors.

(stick with me here first time i have ever heard this explained. first time i have tried.. i hope i do a good job.(but still make it short))

So we have 1/2 of what we need to prove God is real. What about the spiritual portion mentioned before? Well here is a metaphor that explains this problem as we have always had and agreed to we are living and during that time create an “ego” of “self”.

In a court of law evidence is tangible you can lay your hands on it. If you charge someone for shooting someone else, you dont show a bullet that is in evidence that it is established killed the victim, Then claim there is no such thing as a god so he could not be dead..

NOR even worse for the bullet to claim there is no such thing as a gun.

It is the very evidence of a gun, The bullet we can prove is right here. instead of assuming a gun must exist, it must be determined that if a bullet killed someone that the existence of the bullet killing is “DEPENDENT” on the gun existing. so there cant be a question that a gun exists because we can show that a bullet killed someone.

Again it is dependent on the other being true.. like without water how did this fish get here? one depends on the other..

so how is man the evidence of god to ask where is the evidence of god?

We are the evidence… if you toss life out of the evidence then what are you left with?

A rock… so the non-believers must be right “no life” just a “rock” no evidence to prove god…

The fact we think, is all that is needed to prove this. energy and our thinking in an ordered mannor is both evidence and is dependent on the existence of god.

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