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White House Raises Petition Threshold from 25K to 100K Signatures…

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January 16, 2013 in Politics


   This a knee jerk response, to the continued and new actions,  of  ”The People”, to Impeach the Traitor Obama!

 From “Activist Post”, a first response, an offensive against the “Awakening”…  The Traitor has yet again used political theatre, and by that, used children to aide in the unlawful march toward gun confiscation… There is no end to the lies and disinformation that this NWO Minion will use! If Barry opens his mouth He is lying! If He is seen with children, it is not of their personal and informed choice! This, listen now, and hear later, with all hope that it will not be too late!  

Otter Walks on Two Feet… Heritage of Genocide.. May it not become the history that looms on the horizon! Fight Tyranny! Fight the NWO! Impeach the Usurper Obama! 

Here is “Activist Post”… 

image                  Activist Post

The White House is making it more difficult for groups of citizens to petition the government.

Yesterday, they announced that they’re raising the signature threshold for responding to petitions from 25,000 to over 100,000 signatures within 30 days.

Apparently, too many complaints (petitions) are reaching the previous threshold too quickly for them to respond adequately.

The White House writes:
As we’ve seen overall use skyrocket, more petitions are crossing the threshold — and doing so much more quickly. In the first 10 months of 2012, it took an average of 18 days for a new petition to cross the 25,000-signature threshold. In the last two months of the year, that average time was cut in half to just 9 days, and most petitions that crossed the threshold collected 25,000 signatures within five days of their creation. More than 60 percent of the petitions to cross threshold in all of 2012 did so in the last two months of the year. 

The White House called the increase in participation a “good problem” to have.
Turns out that ‘good problem’ is only getting better, so we’re making another adjustment to ensure we’re able to continue to give the most popular ideas the time they deserve.

The White House included a nifty infographic to illustrate the announcement:  



Back to Otter Walks… Thank you to Activist Post, and is it not a nifty infographic?

Article 1, Section 9… Caught in the act, over and over, taking our good and replacing that with Tyranny…  TREASON! SEDITION! USURPATION!    Survive-All…  o…  16/01/13  

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8 responses to White House Raises Petition Threshold from 25K to 100K Signatures…

  1. I looks to me like Obama is just plain too scared to answer all the questions coming at him from all the people who supposedly voted for him.

    • Greetings, As his “M.O.”, he has ignored protocol and refused to answer any petition that would paint his handlers in the clear light of Truth. And you are right, it was an “Appointment”, not an election… See, “BlackBoxVoting.org” for information regarding the massive voter fraud of the last Political Theatre, a Play called Election 2012. Be well… Thank you for the comment… o… 23/01/13

  2. They are just giving us announcements while they try to squelch our voices? I don’t care how far they raise the damn bar we will be heard!!!!!!Pick any damn number we will still be sending you a message even if we have to surround the white house with millions of people and take you criminal globalist into custody without bail! The founders warned us that when this day came money would be worthless and rope would be cheap. The more outrageous they get the more people are waking up. A good problem to have I think NOT!

    • Greetings, I believe you nailed it… I continue to research and speak, as should you. You are well spoken, doubtless more so than I. Flesh that out and you will have a message to present beyond a “comment” to me… I am sure others will happen upon these words yet the more up front I can make them I will! About to post a list of quotes of note… Be well… o… 18/01/13

  3. SSDD, Govt can do what they want. If they don’t like it then the change the rules.

    • Greetings, Not up on all of the letter codes. I presume like myself, you would say “Expletive”! And changing the rules is exactly what they are doing! Agenda 21, perfect example! HAARP! Chemtrails! GMO Food?-! Bad air, Bad water! Bad Food! Here is a good one, Medicine! Would not know it if it hit “Them” in the Face! Thanks for the note… o… 18/01/13

  4. OMG, those b@st@rds! They didn’t like that thing to be used, did they?

    • Greetings, Barry, on record has said that he will not address “That Petition”… Add the name, or cause which is not to his, “Their” liking… It is getting ever closer to Action versus Reaction… Survive-All… o… 16/01/13 Otter Walks on Two Feet… Impeachment NOW! …

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