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What was America Really Supposed to Be?

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February 16, 2013 in Politics


There’s and article by Stephen Lendman at the Activist Post dated today 2/16.  It’s titled “Escalating Tyranny in America”.  Here, the writer starts off making some very astonishing assertions (emphasis is mine):

“America’s no democracy. It wasn’t established to be one. It never was and isn’t now.

Latter day framers today would be called a Wall Street crowd. They included money-lenders, investors, speculators, merchants, politicians, planters, and lawyers. High-mindedness wasn’t on their agenda.

They wanted America run by people who owned it. They made sure it turned out that way. Wheeler-dealer government is policy. The “supreme law of the land” is whatever presidents and sitting governments say.”

He also goes on to say: “Government of, by, and for the people never existed and doesn’t now.”  What he appears to be saying is that we’ve always had government by oligarchy and this oligarchy has always brainwashed the citizenry/voters/taxpayers to believe that their elected representatives had their best interests at heart, just like they try to do now.  When one considers that most of the founders were members of secret societies and when one considers our country’s history, Lendmans premise certainly contains a ring of truth.

The rest of Lendmans article is a rant against Obama and his dictatorial power and he says many things that most of us can agree on.  Read his article at http://www.activistpost.com/2013/02/escalating-tyranny-in-america.html










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