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What U.S.-Canada Relations Will Look Like In The Next Four Years

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November 9, 2012 in Politics



G&M (Mop and Pail) try and downplay the significance of the Common Security Perimeter Deal Between Obama and Harper and fail to mention the NAFTA 2.0 Summit scheduled for the 15th & 16th of this month in their latest article where they ask the question- What will U.S.-Canada relations look like in the next four years?

Original Link To Article- http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/us-election/what-will-us-canada-relations-look-like-in-the-next-four-years/article5035946/

The trade agreements are done, what we are now seeing is the implementation, the fundamental changes required to make it happen. What Harper and Obama have been working over the last four years makes NAFTA look like a class project in trade negotiations 101! Instead of blaming Obama for what he’s not doing, lets blame him for what he is doing and we’re not talking about more trade deals. What we should be talking about is how are we going to put the brakes on the outright CONSOLIDATION of North America!

G&M Quote:
“The relationship has been managed on a low boil for the last four years, as Stephen Harper’s government has tried to blunt Buy American measures and convinced the Americans to launch a nuts-and-bolts Beyond the Border initiative to speed cross-border trade and traffic.”The mainstream media in Canada likes to paint Obama as being ‘not so hot’ for Canada in the way of trade and Canadian exports, pointing to the recent pipeline charade, but somehow Obama remains a hero for Canada in all other areas even though the Bush wars and the trampling of the constitutional rights of Americans has only amplified under Obama (see N.D.A.A). Just that one little flaw eh Canada? Well I certainly beg to differ!

Obama and Harper are acting way beyond simple trade deals at this stage in the game. Let me briefly go over some recent developments, just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years and haven’t had a chance to hear the news yet.. Harper RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT are busy harmonizing and integrating Canada-U.S. Laws, Policies and Standards in all areas they (and their CFR/CCCE friends) deem as an “barrier to trade”. At the same time, via technologies like RFID and Biometrics, they are thinning out the traditional land borders between Canada-U.S. and Mexico as they prepare them for eventual dissolution.

Obama and Harper (Democrat and Conservative) have been very busy implementing the framework that was established in the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement (SPP). Proof IS the recent Obama/Harper National Sovereignty killer known as, Beyond the Borders/Common Security Perimeter Deal for North America.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you don’t need a fancy trade agreement to measure “trade friendliness” any longer! WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE IS THE CONSOLIDATION OF NORTH AMERICA!
American Democrat or Republican, Canadian Liberal or Conservative, it doesn’t matter, this agenda is moving forward!




















What agenda is that again? I’LL SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU… NORTH AMERICAN UNION!!!

G&M Quote:

“But there’s been no grand plan like the Free Trade Agreement of the 1980s, the NAFTA of the 1990s or even the linking of highway systems in the Eisenhower years.”

My Response- LIES LIES LIES LIES!!!!! Harper already announced on national television, that he was dedicating money under the Canada Economic Action Plan naming, CentrePort Canada as the new inland port system/trade corridor system for Canada.

Harper Announces NAFTA Superhighway- The One He Said Didn’t Exist!

Hey Globe and Mail.. Do your homework!

Lets give these globalists some credit, they’re working their nuts off here, duping the Canadian and American people into giving up their sovereignty in the name of “security and prosperity”.. Only thing they forgot to tell you was that it’s for Their Security And Their Prosperity, not ours!

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