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Were are our leaders and how do we get them to work together

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December 16, 2012 in Politics


Organizing the cause for freedom and putting a face and name on the people that can change our future. We are at a turning point for freedom the kamakazi approch of occupy and other groups is fine in good but does nothing for working the system . We need to start a network of leaders that comes from state congressional level to federal .  We also need to figure out and detirmene imedeitly how to get the percentage of people that just dont care or feel helpless in the politcal relm to pick the choices of freedom and liberty in essence giving them the politcal home they would enjoy being part of .  From our own evidnce given to us by Ron Paul why was he such a minority in our fight for rights during Bill passing and such .why arent all these people that have gone against what america stands for brought to light with evidnce and pictures to faces on how they vote. i think the american people need a visual type demanstration of who these people are what they voted for and who gave them money and or who profits from there desions . i mean we should have a john madden break down of every congressional session with back logs and cuts to of campain promises and failures to follow threw.We need to identfy leaders that are up  and comming that back freedom that back people have them network and come up with better plans of attack for politcal campaining.

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