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Unconfirmed, needing verification: Military attempted coup on Obama; attempted arrest for treason

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November 2, 2013 in Politics


Author: Ben Franklin

Update 1 6:58 PM: Dave Hodges show called ‘The common sense show‘ talked about a possible secondary arrest attempt. This adds a little credibility to this and warrants looking into this. This must be verified or debunked.

An indirect source in South Carolina has come fourth to me and told me that he heard from another person, likely a off duty military man or somebody that knows a military man, had disclosed information that is not being presented in the mainstream media. This information is unverified and is awaiting verification from Adan Salazar, Aaron Dykes, and others I have been in contact with.

This is what I have heard and am giving this out due to fear for my own life. What he had told me is not only scary but it is proof that something big is heading for America since the second election winning for US President Barack Obama.

I was told that twelve military men had attempted to arrest the sitting US president, without garnering the authority of Congress which is required by the US Constitution. They likely carried weapons and attempted to enter the White House but were confronted and executed. Twelve military people are now likely dead as dead men tell no tales. I had asked him for the source but he said he talked to somebody and was told this but didn’t give me a name nor any information as of rank or even where he was employed in the government to have access to this sensitive information. I asked him if Drake was involved when he claimed to David Wilcock on a live report that he was planning to make arrests in the US which would be a military coup. Of course the information proved invalid as the arrest attempt never happened around June-July 2012. The media did not cover this at all and I might have learned information I wasn’t suppose to know, twelve military men secretly executed for simply attempting an arrest on Obama for high treason. There were no assassination attempts but only an attempt to arrest him. That is really all I know at this moment. If the information turns out to be true and correct then I will add an update to this article and it will likely reach Infowars within a few days. I told Adan Salazar to check with their military sources to see if this is verifiable, then digging into this claim. This is huge to cover news on a attempted coup by our military but no media outlet has covered this and there will likely be a coverup. It is important for all news reporters to verify this information so it can stand as a news fact that twelve military men attempted to arrest Obama and was executed for it. Would these men have been executed if Congress had authorized it? Would the secret service still had executed military people for attempting to arrest Obama? Stay tuned for more information from Ben Franklin.

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