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UKIP on the rise

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December 18, 2012 in Activism, Business, Economics, Politics, Preparedness, Resistance, Uncategorized, World News


Well brilliant news the UK Independence Party is on the rise now according to the latest polls UKIP is fast becoming the third major party in the Uk, Taking over 30% of votes from disillusioned Tory voters. Contrary to popular belief the party which is about bringing Britain back under control of Britain and out of the EU and not a white supremacist party as many UK residents believe although they do want tighter control of our current immigration laws. The polls taken this weekend put them as definate contenders for the next elections.This must be a worrying development for David Cameron who as consistantly renaged on many of his parties winning policies at the last general elections.

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  1. That’s an interesting point of view.

    “The UK Independence Party is the UK’s third political party – and the only one now offering a radical alternative.”

    Don’t they all say what people want to hear?

    From one party to the next, Labor or Conservative, why can’t intelligent people see what they are all about…

    They all fight for the same thing, bring the UK into the EU and make UK tax payers pay 70%+ of all income towards a tax system.

    My passion was for the conservative party as they support the working class of the UK, there have been a few moments where David Cameron stood his ground, but again it’s all talk… When is anyone going to take action?

    ‘A stressful thought for me is the amount of money which is paid on a daily rate to the EU, the EU then give us back a small % and tells us how to spend this’. Not to mention the threats made against the UK if we pull out.

    The party I would like to see is one that s has the B***S to stand up to the EU and put the UK back on the map, right now people are to frightened to say anything, or make change, all people do is talk about change, no one can action this.

    I am not one for ‘ass kissing’, but Alex Jones is the only person I have seen that has a pair and stands up for what he believes, there should be more people like this.

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