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Told You That The U.S. Diplomatic Mission (?) in Benghazi, Libya Was Not Going Away…

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December 19, 2012 in Politics


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was to have appeared at Thursday’s hearings, but canceled after “fainting” and sustaining a concussion last week while recovering from a stomach virus. Clinton is under doctors’ orders to rest. (O.K. Right, and I have a Bridge to Sell You…) 

An “Accountability Review Board” with co-chairman, retired Admiral Mike Mullen announced that three  people had stepped down from the Scapegoat positions they held. They were Eric Boswell, the assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant secretary responsible for embassy security, and Raymond Maxwell, the deputy assistant secretary of state who oversees the Maghreb nations of Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. This is of course a bait and switch operation, as, they have already, been given the “potential” for new different positions, in the puppet system “They” have Left. 

Mullen, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, added, “We did conclude that certain State Department bureau level senior officials in critical levels of authority and responsibility in Washington demonstrated a lack of leadership and management ability appropriate for senior ranks in their responses to security concerns posed by the special mission.”  »» Do You Think So?-!-?-!… 

Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet: It is not over until, well for starters, before the nice lady sings. More to come, wait and See…   19/12/12

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