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This Will Make You Understand Trump’s Racism In US Has Gotten Worse

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April 19, 2017 in Politics


What was just experience in the US politics wasn’t right. From the very start, Donald Trump’s election campaign was intensified by an undertone of bigotry and racism. It’s not an accident that shortly after he announced his bid for the presidency, Trump made an offensive remark by calling Mexicans rapists who are bringing drugs and crime to America.

And from there, it just got worse. Trump suggested banning Muslims and an entire religious group from entering the United States. He insisted on disqualifying the federal judge supervising the Trump University because of his Mexican history.

He frequently retweeted neo-Nazis and white supremacists. He also regularly used anti- Semitic language. Trump suggested at a nationwide implementation of stop and inspect, a policing strategy that was considered as unconstitutional in NYC because it targeted minority citizens.

White supremacists admired Trump’s campaign. They gather for Trump, declaring that his victory will prove that their views resonate with millions. The racists also embraced Donald Trump’s campaign.

Trump’s victory illustrates a racist “whitelash.”

Donald Trump won in as the new president of United States of America. Trump’s apparent racism is not the only reason for his victory but is a central one. In spite of having run on the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and anti-women platform, his success is already accredited to working-class economic disenfranchisement.

Trump’s support base includes white nationalists who also think that African Americans are violent criminals who sat by while the KKK supported their candidate.

The decisive victory of a racist woman-hater in America’s presidential race should cause a reconsideration of the history that has led us to this point.

Examples of institutional racism in the US

With Trump’s triumph, institutional racisms might be implemented again in the country. Institutional racism is committed by government facilities such as schools, the military, or the courts. This kind of racism has the authority to negatively affect the majority of people belonging to a racial group. Here are some of the institutional racism that occurred and might happen again in the US:

Slavery in America

Slavery fuels racist outlook and racial discrimination across the globe. In spite of its far-reaching effect, many Americans would be troubled to name simple facts about slavery, such as when it started, how many slaves they brought to the US, and when it ended for everyone.

Before the bill was passed to end slavery, slaves already fought for independence by organizing slave revolution.

Racism in military

It was during World War II that marked both racial developments and setbacks in the United States. On the other hand, it gave Asians, blacks, and Native Americans the opportunity to prove that they had the skill and intelligence which is necessary to excel in the military.

However, because of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, it led the federal government to vacate Japanese-Americans from the west coast especially in Dallas, TX for fear that they were still devoted to Japanese empire.

Racism in medicine

Racism has greatly affected US health care in the past and still continues up to this day. The most shameful period in American history involve the US government sponsoring studies that authorized poor black men in Alabama to yield to syphilis, or mental health patients, and soldiers who are afflicted with sexually transmitted infections.


Ever since the start of the presidential election up to this day, states across United States have witnessed increased incidents of racism or anti-Semitic violence and vandalism, many of which have drawn directly on the proposals of elected President Donald Trump.

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