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the world we live in

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November 12, 2012 in Politics


Physical control allows mind control which allows for more physical control and so on and so on, producing a 2 tier system’ consisting of controllers and the controlled…at humanities cost…set systematically to boom and bust periodically as a constant distractiontion to further the corrupt agenda, keeping people locked into mental and physical weakness’ unable to form an oppositional capability.
 this then repeats itself over and over until everyone is dead, evil is fundentally flawed but it does mean that it is only ever a temporary evil, but permanent evil through it’s repetitive damage if left alone. If you ignore history then your doomed to repeat it and the inevtable blood will be spilt. it’s 99% mind game and 1% blood….you will live under the exact level of tyranny you put up with.
 it is your duty as a human being to form such opposition or you are a traitor to humanity and your ignorance will be your death to you and your family.

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  1. i will get right on making that tin foil hat

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