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The will and power of America

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January 27, 2013 in Politics


NOTICE: This article was written January 2012.

To address the root of the current public disregard, of what Thomas Paine would call “Common sense”. That Government is a brute force to be constantly watched and guarded against, which is to be seen as the lesser of two evils, when met with a choice between government and anarchy. Let me take this opportunity to state that I am not against the idea of Government, yet support the rule of law and equality before the law which clearly states that the power does and always will derive from the people. Ignorance of the law creates a confusion within the population as to what law truly is, not to be confused with acts, statutes, codes and regulations.

True law concerns the real land, it’s people and the actions of the real people and is based on equality, meaning that no one can be considered above the law and that everyone has right to due process and remedy. Acts and Statutes are being enforced as law to the extent that the people surrenders their consent, through fictions such as persons or corporations, to be governed by these acts or statutes, though often based on assumption. Codes and regulation has nothing to do with law, but is intended to dictate certain behavior within a certain fictitious jurisdiction to the extent that people voluntarily engages in certain regulated activities such as for example commercial driving as oppose to traveling.

The confusion arises when we think we can regulate a society without fictions, because government is by definition fictitious. Yet fictions cannot and should not be confused with real people, because a corporation cannot be jailed or sentenced. Fictions should only be a tool for the benefit of the people and not an opportunity to flee responsibility, control or regulate. Government is only represented by a piece of paper, yet from there on it only exists in our collective minds and is accepted as being real. If you choose to be a part of a society, you must also contribute to the society. Yet, once a society forces membership and taxation upon someone, he/she no longer feel obligated to contribute and in fact the society then becomes his/her enemy. This will ultimately be the demise of such a government. Wealth and prosperity flourished before there was an income tax and a central bank in America compared to other nations around the world. No other nation came anywhere close to this, because the government did not interfere in economics of the people.

This is the message which will be transmitted from America to the rest of the world in 2012. I cannot articulate how excited about the Constitutional message of Ron Paul and his promising republican presidential campaign. As of today January 3rd 2012, the day of the Iowa Caucus, I am feeling very optimistic that the tide has turned to the benefit of the people and detriment of the so called establishment corporate control structure (or the 1%). Enough said, because I do not wish to put too much attention and rely on a political candidate to change the entire world alone. But it is an amazing wake-up call for a large number of people not to mention the media.

But what I really wanted to write about what MY ideas, thoughts and plans for 2012 is, because this is MY 2012 First Will and Testament and to me everything ties together. I have mentioned that I feel divided within as to what my goal and path is in life. Having just said that, I think I do know what I am suppose to do sub-consciously because I can feel it in my heart. My heart is with America while my mind is with my native Nation of Denmark and the people there. Not because I believe America is better, perfect or flawless, but nothing has yet trumped the idea of America, it’s founders and founding documents when it comes to liberty and freedom. I believe America will once rise up again and prove to the world that this is where real change comes from and that we can do better. A regime change in America will send a strong signal across the bowels of governments across the world. I believe that Asian Nations such as Japan and China will welcome this change because they look to America and the American people for the change that will benefit everybody except the 1% in control of America and Europe.

Ask yourself what would be worth dying for, and you have the answer to what you need to be focused on in life and perhaps act upon. This is what I am talking about. I am not in this for the fight or to oppose anything or anybody. I am in this to welcome and assist change and spread the message of freedom that has been grossly misrepresented and distorted. Having looked at and studied and compared the two very different forms of governance in the united states of America and THE KINGDOM OF DENMARK, I have come to understand a lot more about human nature, culture and the deep principles and origin of law. Just by skimming over and comparing the founding documents of these two very different countries. First of all it is clear that the Constitution of the united states of America revolves around individual liberty while the so called Constitution of THE KINGDOM OF DENMARK revolves around the rights of the King/Queen in correlation with the Parliament. Personal rights are but a side note in this respect. In other words it describes how power derives from either the people or the government. The most important thing to remember is that a document like a Constitution does not give you any rights that you did not already possess from birth and some would say conception. A Constitution should rather be seen as an agreement among men that these are the values we uphold to be honorable and true. Any corruption of these principles will eventually be rooted out one way or the other, which is exactly what we see with the Ron Paul phenomenal campaign for President.

Yet to me this is not the end goal or vision, just to return to constitutional rule in America. Yes the rest of the world will follow along in its own way and begin to embrace freedom for all. But as mentioned, freedom does NOT derive from any document, constitution or government. Freedom derives from the people and that is the principle of on which law for thousands of years have been based. So a return to the principles of freedom, does not necessarily mean a return to an old world or frame of mind. We today live in a more globally united and over all informed community that no longer can be controlled by force. Today thanks to the internet, corruption and lies will surface sooner or later and this way truth will prevail even faster and you can say real time. You can no longer hide anything once you are in the public arena, and to a large extent that is a good thing. But this type of open communication across all borders and segregation heightens the human evolution and awareness to a level where we collectively ultimately reach new conclusions as to how life ought to be. My prediction is that we will not only see a revision of the values and ideas of what the role of government ought to be, but you will also see new and free societies be formed regardless of geographic location. Instead these new societies will have very diverse values and goals. The internet will play a huge role in the formation and maintenance of these new societies. The era of monopolies and force as a way to run the world will come to an end. We will come to realize that in the end, only the 1% profits from all of the human division, in fighting and killing. Instead through freedom and the principles of open source information and incentive based employment, we can create more wealth and prosperity than ever before in the history of the world. With it comes the release of hidden technology bought up by special interest and corporate enterprise, that can feed the poor, clean and heal the earth and truly bring us into a space age. This is just to tip of the iceberg of human potential, as I see it. I do not have the imagination or brain power to come up with where this type of world will take us. But one thing is for sure, the technology, the potential and the will is there. Yet, there is still the so called 1% that stands in the way of this becoming a reality at this point.

So what am I getting at? As mentioned I believe in the message of freedom and that it is a message that is out of control and quite frankly much bigger than us. We have not yet proved as a species that we truly believe in or embrace freedom. But this is the time, this is the big test. The freedom bell is ringing and everyone that listens to it, will be one step of the rest. The united states of America has something that they can revive and rebuild their Nation upon. A nation like Denmark that is still supporting Monarchical rule and/or the rights of the majority as oppose to the individual has no foundation upon which to rebuild or reform the nation. This will be a huge challenge because the coming Golden era will not accept that power is retained within a family in which the power is being handed down generation after generation. This idea and concept is obsolete and will come to an end soon. So what can we do?

I believe that the answer lies where I started out, namely in the rule of law. The known historical body of law is broad and expansive, yet the principles upon which they are built has remained largely the same. As long as everyone is equal before the law, you can maintain a just and honorable society. The more complex society you desire to establish, the more room you leave for misinterpretation and misunderstanding along expansion and corruption of government.

But up and until this very day, can we say that we are actually individually bound by or somehow committed lawfully or legally to a government, society or other governing structures? It is a great principle and so called maxim of law, that if you do not reject you consent. In other words, do you have an actual contract with your government? Of course you do not, but according to the principles of law and wish to engage with the current system in any way, manner or form, then you are assumed to also be a member of a society. Let me just state that membership of a society does not have to be negative or bad, it is all up to how we perceive ourselves and how aware we are of what is truly going on.

So how do we challenge such a enormous system as the current legal system which today is setup as a global monopoly or as some will label it : The new world order? How would, could or should this be done and by whom, when and where? Just as Martin Luther did, the challenge has been set to the control structure. I am not worthy or knowledgeable enough to go into depth with this, but to those of you who is interested, please feel free to visit an study a global society known as UCADIA. How do you establish and gain recognition and compete against an old society that are utterly corrupt and violent to its core? An old society that would sacrifice its own people in order to maintain power and control. How do you do it, because we all know violence will not solve this problem? The only way you can establish a new society is to play their game, using their principles but do it better than them and then prove their dishonor. Is it not dishonorable to force people to do anything without their consent? This is what is going on right now and this is what is going to come to an end.

UCADIA is the culmination of decades of studying the origins, traditions and principles of law, and from this have encapsulated the true essence of complete body of law. The main body of law is called positive law, and is basically a compendium of legal definitions. Anyone that sits down and reads the positive law, will know more about law than 90% of the judges claiming to practice law from the benches around the world. Though I do not feel I am worthy to explain the depth and the implications of the work that UCADIA has done, I feel I understand the general principles and ideas behind real and true law.

The Constitution of America and the Founding Fathers established a system of checks and balances. These were the architects of the so-called Great experiment or the New World based upon inherent right of the people entrusted to a Government. Yet, they were very much aware of human nature and history, why Benjamin Franklin answered and spoke the famous words when being asked what they had created at the Constitutional Convention : “A Republic, if you can keep it.” He understood that humans ultimately and collectively through-out history had allowed totalitarian and tyrannical leadership to take over incrementally. Freedom is very rare and precious, and before America, there really was none. So this was a unique moment in history, and today we can pretty much conclude that Franklin was rightfully expressing his concerns. Only a week ago did the proclaimed President of the united states of America sign a Bill that allows indefinite detention of Citizens without trial, jury or due process. This is just the last nail in the coffin for the Constitution, yet still perhaps the only reason why he is being allowed to perform this way because he is NOT the legitimate President of America. This will not end well for this power structure and in the end truth, freedom and the people will prevail.


As mentioned, my heart is in America, but my mind is on my native land. My ultimate goal for 2012 is to help and assist the people of my native land to transcend through the monumental changes that are coming our way. This is something I have thought about in realistic terms, and I have tried to analyze the situation carefully. I truly believe in order to restore the law and the spirit of the people of the Nation of Denmark would be to establish a new founding document or constitution for the nation of Denmark. This can be as simple or as complicated as people would like to make it for themselves. Again, I am talking about establishing a constitution for the people and the land, not the creation of a membership based society or government. As mentioned previously, I believe many societies will come to life the coming years, each with different ideals, principles and ultimate goals. The idea of a national constitution or the like, creates the foundation and agreement upon which new and competing societies can interact and engage. I am in no way suggesting anarchy, but a new nation based on the core principles of law and rights where ideas can grow flourish. This I believe is the best way to preserve humanity and freedom, openness and prosperity.

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