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The Wealthy Americans Clause

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February 12, 2013 in Politics


The Wealthy Americans Clause

This is a petition for President Barry Soetoro (otherwise known as Barack H. Obama) to call upon the Congress to introduce to the several States an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States for ratification into public law; therein granting to each and every American one-million dollars cash ($1,000,000.00), which is to be held in a tax-exempt, adjustable-rate interest-bearing escrow account from the date of birth, until the age of majority has been reached and having successfully completed the twelfth grade, and that such Amendment shall be enacted retroactively amongst all individuals that are citizens at the date of enactment of such Amendment and shall be adjusted annually to match monetary inflation.

The support and basis of such Amendment is forthwith substantiated upon the following four (4) premises:

(1) the Congress no longer possesses any control or responsibility over the setting of annual budgets, and neither does it exercise budgetary prudence nor constraint;

(2) the federal government and its Federal Reserve System annually counterfeits limitless sums of new nonconvertible “money” —i.e., fiat paper or promissory notes— into public circulation as so desired, by mere whim and fancy, and while remaining entirely devoid of both reality and the impending cause and effect of such ill-fated monetary practices;

(3) both the Legislative and Executive Branches readily engage in no-bid contracting with private corporations and their lobbyists, to sums which exceed hundreds of billions of dollars per annum that are favorable only towards individual candidates reelected into public offices, and those private individuals in receipt of such contracts, and thusly such an Amendment is wholly justified, in-line with ensuring equality, under the XIV Amendment protections afforded to all Americans, not only those that are wealthy beyond all belief, and;

(4) this Amendment will serve to better ensure through personal enrichment, the necessary motivations for people to begin living a much more responsible and meaningful life (hence bringing about a desired end to the ongoing wars against violence, poverty, gangs, drugs, education, et al that toll the lives of countless Americans and becomes only more costly to taxpayers with each passing year); and that individuals will work harder to graduate from high school, if merely to acquire their vast new fortune; and will ultimately work to perpetuate a healthy and productive economy.

* Thank you for your support and for voting for this most fair and equitable of all White House petitions. Please spread this petition to others. Thereby compelling President Soetoro to stand up and do the right thing for all Americas—not just those he or our bought out Congress favor.

You may vote this petition HERE at www.whitehouse.gov.

NOTE: The true intention of this petition is to bring awareness to its context; so as to provide pause and consideration to issues that are prevalent within our present society and that are increasing at an ever alarming rate.

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