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the system is trying to drain we the people

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December 12, 2017 in Politics


I see it so clearly and they’ve been doing a fine job on me. The whole system was about disassociation from life. If anyone associates with someone then by proxy they pay as well. The system thrives off condemnation. That’s the whole “globalists agenda” is for us all to judge each other hypocritically.
FUCK THAT… sorry I went to jot down another thought and wrote some other posts. The main reason I started writing this one was to tell ya that the only time I was arrested as an adult they accused me of possession of marijuana.. around a gram if that, might I add… and had me facing two years. I had to admit being guilty just to get out of jail and when trail came around the system made me go to court like fives times over this. Never once did I get to face the court or the judge there.. my arresting officer never did show up to testify or read me my supposed rights. They kept dragging me in wasting my time until finally dropping the case.

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