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the system ain’t realistic

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December 12, 2017 in Politics


I have a very serious question… where do people live who don’t want to be apart of the world or have anything to do with it? Where do humans go to be free and at one with the earth, kinda like we used to be before being forced to serve the system? Does the government own we the people.. atleast that’s what it has become on paper. To them one other than the government owns the land because if we don’t pay taxes on it than they’ll take it back. If I don’t buy property than I have to rent. If I don’t have money for rent than what’s the only other option? To work for room and board or what? All of this shit is still serfdom. If there was a way to opt out of the system than that would make alot more sense… but since there isn’t.. people need to ask themselves what the fuck is going on here.

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