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The rise and fall of the roman empire = the fall of the senate and the rise of emperors ( for those who like. to fall asleep to engaging documentaries [BBC])

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January 17, 2013 in Politics



i found these docs provided me with great parallels into what is pesently going on in America and around the world. Rome advanced, albeit authoritaritively, for many hundreds of years as a successful senate. For the most part It was the emperors that ruined the machine. The light of Rome went out plunging the world into the dark ages. “Enlightenment” came out of the science of the Renecance and yada yada ( more research needed ) which leaves us at the American republic, only this time around the empiralists seek to control a) the fall of the republic, b) the new dark age and c) the new Renocance. I am not a historian by any stretch but if my understanding is at all close to accurate, history really is repeating itself, only this time its by the volition of an enlightened few.

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