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the injustice system

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August 9, 2017 in Politics


Something just got brought to my attention, have known about it but never made the connection. When someone who is a pedophile gets locked up and the inmates find out. Well we all know what happens, they take justice into their own hands. Now ask yourselves… why do pedophiles tend to get light sentences, considering the severity of the crime compared to much lighter crimes which carry heavier sentences? This brings me to the point I need to make, which blew my mind… even some of the worst criminals in jail apparently have a higher sense of justice, at least in that regard, than the government. Really I’m having a hard time distinguishing because much of what the government does is naturally¬†criminal but they just declare it as legal. Damn this world is so fucked up. So if the system is the problem than it cannot be the answer.

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