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The GOP & Neo Cons are done!

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November 27, 2012 in Politics


The GOP are as big a bunch of scumbags as the Democratic Party if not worse.  They straight up robbed Ron Paul in the early GOP primaries that he should have won.  As well as, all the other criminal stunts they pulled along the way.  Then the GOP told all the Ron Paul supporters to kick rocks.  That arrogant decision cost them the White House.  I guarantee if Ron Paul would have got the GOP nomination he would have stomped the life out of Barrack.  The GOP needs to accept change or get thrown in the dust bin of history.   If you can’t beat a loser like Obama, who doesn’t have a leg to stand on, it’s more than pathetic!  The GOP threw their best game and literally got crushed in a land slide by this stooge.  It’s a complete and utter embarrassment!  They better wake up and smell the coffee!


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2 responses to The GOP & Neo Cons are done!

  1. Left and right sides of the same turd. There is no difference between Clinton Bush or Obama, they all work for the banks and big oil.

    Do you need to wake up and smell that turd? It wasn’t plopped there from an election, it was selection.

    We cannot trust these bs polling numbers or the farce election, they announced Obama the winner before the electoral college was done counting.

    Of course Ron Paul should be president in a sane world.

  2. GOP~Fake opposition to a real threat!

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