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The federal cancer

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February 27, 2013 in Politics


It has come to my attention that this federal socialism is cancer, and we must stop it before it kills us.

You see, as many of you may know cancer is a metabolic problem. Meaning that cancer cells operate at about 5% efficiency of the healthy cells around them. You may now see the bed where my comparison lies. I have no intention of sleeping in the nursery of this mad eagle who seems to think his crown is not bare.

The fool whom thinks his investments, a term which makes me laugh as investment are supposed to have returns. The average man, perhaps not the average but the man with capital intends to have a return because they are use there own money. If I could use bales of mulla that wasn’t mine as these hooligans have the magic of socialism as well as ignorance and misappropriation in governance and society at large.

I Think the time to cut this cancer out of our body grows near.

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  1. Uniformed dependent people who know nothing else except government dependency. That includes, military/government retirees, welfare and unemployed people. They will go along with a communist system, take the chip and live in a cramped city surviving on bits of GMO food handouts.

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