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The 2 Party system is BS~

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January 28, 2013 in Politics


It under-represents as there are a multitude of individual views which cannot be represented by two parties no matter how diverse they present themselves.  It flat-out over simplifies the diversity of the human experience.  Independent candidates would come much closer to reflecting the electorate if we are ever to truly have government of, by and for the people.  Look at the people you know~Chances are they are not so much alike that they should be shoved into Category 1 or Category 2.

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4 responses to The 2 Party system is BS~

  1. Rather than have the lesser of two evils I’d prefer the lesser of 6, 10, even 20 evils.

    The other parties do run it’s just that MSM completely ignores them and the public is left ignorant on important issues, like how the GOP election is supposed to operate. Even of the two parties that ARE discussed, there was deafening silence on how Ron Paul was kicked to the curb in direct violation of democracy.

    If he was “allowed” to run against Obama like the Republican delegates voted, he very well could have won, if it was anything close to an honest election. It would at least change the dialogue, peeled it away from the old crusty BS rhetoric.

  2. Oh, The Too Partying System… o… 29/01/13

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