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Substantial Classified Data on Broadwell’s Computer…

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November 16, 2012 in Politics


The FBI has substantiated that classified information was found on Broadwell’s personal computer, having searched her Charlotte home on Monday. (Via-FOX) Broadwell has held, we are told, some security clearances but, only to view documents and other “Source Material”. She lacked clearance for the same on her home computer. Who knows maybe she was a spook, double agent?  Working, an INTERNAL AFFAIRS case and was really a whistle BLOWER?…   NAAHHH! 

Oh, and her clearances have, at this time, been revoked… DUH?…  We are yet to know the TRUTH of the total motives for her actions…

So, Michael Mukasey says on MSM, That if the Chief Intelligence Officer is (Was?) Vulnerable, the executive should have been aware. That with weekly meetings, briefing the W.H., on classified data, that Petraeus and Broadwell’s affair, ongoing since 2011, flaws within the System point to an inability to perform the Job Tasked to the executive by “This” executive…

General Petraeus informed Congress he “Knew Almost Immediately” after the September 11th attack, that the group “Ansar al Sharia”, an al Qaeda spur group in Libya, planned the operation/attack.  (Via CNN)

That implies U.S. backing, as The CIA in the 70′s funded, and Trained Islamic Militants-The Mujahideen- to fight Russia, in Afganistan. If you “Search”, there is released documentation of the on-going aspect nature of their connection. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski visited Afganistan, in 1979, met with Bin Laden and had their photo taken. Brzezinski would tell the mujahideen. They would later become the Taliban, Al Qaeda and “The Muslim Brotherhood”… (Ring A Bell?)… From BBC, to CBC, “Demokratizatsiya” a Journal of Russia have addressed the U.S-CIA funding and support of Bin Laden.

A closed door meeting on the Hill,  ”[Petraeus] will also say he had his own talking points separate from U.N. ambassador Susan Rice. [Hers] came from somewhere other in the administration than his direct talking points,” Quote via Barbara Starr of CNN, referencing a close Petraeus “Source”

Petraeus would like most to distance himself from disinformation Rice spoke of 16/09/2012. It would seem that he would next do the same with Hillary and Others…(?)

When Petraeus hears Rice say, “here is what Petraeus’s take is,… according to my source…. Petraeus developed some talking points, laying “It” all out. Those Talking Points As Always, Were Approved by The Intelligence Community. But, then He sees Susan Rice make “Her Statements” and He Sees input from other areas of the administration…. Petraeus, it is believed, will tell the committee he is not certain where Susan Rice got all of her information.”

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Lawmakers say Petraeus told them that The CIA, Authored Talking Points, after the Benghazi OP which killed four Americans as a terrorist attack. So, Petraeus says that timing, operatives or mob scenarios evolved as federal agencies made changes to the CIA’s draft… ( ‘s )…

This is another chapter in a story that doubtless will continue to expand… Its realizations unveiling multiple cover-ups manifesting morality flaws, impaired intellectual behavior safe guarding the nation…  Surrounding this investigation is a carelessness, a tunnel vision, suffered by a established political effeteness.  

Commentary by Otter Walks…   16/11/2012

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