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Strategic Plan of Lake County Public Works Has Design to Control Drinking Water

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January 18, 2013 in Politics


Lake Villa residents of Lake County, Illinois are receiving brochures issued by the Lake County Public Works.  The brochures provide structural details of a scheme to charge residents for the costs of piping in Lake Michigan water.  The Lake Villa area geologically consists of lakes, streams, and rivers on its surface.  The Upper Fox glacially formed area possesses large quantities of water in it’s aquifers.  Bedrock consists of sandstone, Dolomite, and shale.  Upper levels of its surface consist of clay and sand.  The properties of these elements provide for the natural filtering of the waters kept in the aquifers.  No mention about the headwaters supply to the local aquifers is offered in the brochure.  A meeting is being called for by the Lake County Public Works to “inform” the residents how there is a need to bring in water from Lake Michigan to provide for the Lake Villa water supply.

This agenda represents the strategic public policy which consists of an ever increasing imposition of governmental control.  Unincorporated areas neighboring the village of Lake Villa installed water treatment, processing, pumping stations that provide water to the residences of the area.  Recently released documents that were sent out to the residents detailed the water quality being supplied by the local aquifer waters. The water quality study revealed that the area water supply received high grades.  The independent supply of the aquifer waters keeps the Lake County Public Works and the county at arms length and diminishes their control.  Claims by the Lake County Public Works about the quality of the areas water supply are expected to be examined by the local residents.

The proposed switching to Lake Michigan water supply is expected to be discussed at 5:30pm through 7:30pm on Tuesday, January 29th at the Lake Villa, Illinois, Thompson Elementary School located at 515 Thompson Lane in the village.

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