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January 18, 2013 in Politics


Of all the unconstitutional things going on right now this is what they write about? This is why multiple times the people watch Alex Jones’ show than tune in to the mainstream media.
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5:34 PM EST
Bet you cant name one. Not even one.
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5:43 PM EST
How about last years 2012 NDAA bill which the white house wrote? I think that indefinite detention, in secret, without access to an attorney is unarguably unconstitutional? You disagree?
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6:14 PM EST
@chrisdunning1 – there are a lot of laws passed by congress and signed by the President which are ultimately deemed unconstitutional in whole or part by the Courts. This sounds like one of them. But I am not an attorney, and I would bet that your not either.
6:15 PM EST
That’s an assertion worthy of the ridiculousness of that nut case Jones himself. Perhaps you’re his speech writer.
6:15 PM EST
Whew, got you guys going now, I guess
6:16 PM EST
Don’t worry, everything’ll be ok. Just keep doing what the big bosses tell you to do. Don’t worry, just watch more T.V.
6:27 PM EST
At least the second guy used the word “you’re” correctly.
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6:31 PM EST
If you think the white house wrote the 2012 NDAA you seriously do not understand the process….
6:42 PM EST
In using the term, “wrote,” I was referring to the white house having dictated to congress that the indefinite detention provisions were included in the bill. Do contest this? If you do then you sir are the one who doesn’t understand how the process works. At any rate, I’ve gotta be up at 4 for work so you guys have a good night.
This was an exchange I had on the Washington Post’s comment section. Those guys probably have kept rolling in and dumped other comments after that but i wasn’t kidding about having to work early.

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