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Star Wars Reveals Truth of Political Reality

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February 19, 2013 in Politics


Star Wars depicts what is going on in political reality. For instance the Galactic republic represent Republican party and the Confederacy represents the Democratic party but in reality it doesn’t matter what side wins Emperor Palatine is still in control of both sides. It correlates to reality that no matter what president comes into the office the real controllers are behind the scenes. It make sense too. Haven’t you ever wonder why Obama has continued the same antics that George W. Bush did and even expands the programs to make them even worse EX: warrantless wiretapping through the Patriot Act, signing the NDAA that eliminates Due process if the president decides that you were somehow involved in terror. As well as continue to bring America into more wars. Though, luckily our founders were smart enough to have separation of powers so that the government would not become a tyranny as easy as it would be if we only had a president. Unfortunately, the office of the president keeps getting more and more power and congress is being bribed as well. So do we really have a chose anymore? Is our democratic republic dead? I feel as long as we continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans we will still end up voting in the same controllers. Obviously, they can’t bribe everyone in every party so there are some good people in the parties but as a whole the parties are nothing but two gangs that are controlled by the same interests. This begs the question: Will America see through the lie or will we be fooled like the Jedi were and face our doom? I don’t know what will happen but I hope America will stop having such a strong party devotion and focus more on the principles that made our nation great! Freedom, independence and the constitution! And our bill of rights that no government can take away since they are God given rights! Vote for no one that will not uphold these ideas whether they are from any party let them know that the American people will enforce their oath to actually mean something for a change!
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