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So, I heard you like Mudkips

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December 5, 2012 in Politics


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

If I can relate the arming of a bomb to the liking of a Mudkip, I would. How can I? If I am to effect a bomb so that it may do as I wish, then I can like a mudkip so that it will do something I wish. See, the Mudkip is like a bomb in such a way that if I were to give it an instruction, it would do what it is designed to do. A bomb can blow up, and a Mudkip can perform minor attacks.

And so we can cleverly deduce that a Mudkip can be compared to a Bomb. But what if the people do not like Mudkips or bombs? Let us first deduce if it is possible to like or dislike bombs and/or Mudkips.

Like the Mudkip, people do not like the bomb because it has a certain personality attached to it. Not that a bomb has a anthropomorphized personality, as some humans know it to be, nor the Mudkip, but the underlying personality that a bomb or a Mudkip can contain is extended through various channels, now even more with the invention of the Internet, independent of personal experience.

In this transferrance, the energy of a bomb or a Mudkip, which is an electrical impulse, activates the recognition firmware in the brain. When this chipset activates, a relay is switched on or off, and the impulse, along with pre-generated emotional impulse discharges, activates a memory bank, either at “half” capacity or at “full” capacity. At half capacity, the circuit is completed normally, while at full capacity the circuit is amplified and forces the normal operation to include access to several other, comparable memory banks.

From this point, a “half drawn” picture is now ready for a DMT experience, having been arranged as temporary data in the frontal cortex. In a split second, the existing picture “knows” it is incomplete, and activates the Pineal gland to “finish” the picture, via sending chemicals towards specific receptors to generate new energy for calculation purposes, in a vivid hallucination. And from this point, having had a full scan of the completed information (No matter how skewed it was made from previous emotions), the cycle completes until articulation is required, or a new, more relevant cycle is established.

When it comes to bombs and Mudkips, only a professional can determine what the similarity will be. Anyone who shares those same synapses as the targets he/she studies can testify, the understanding is that much clearer in the final report, due mostly to the brain cycle mentioned above. There is indeed a “Foreknowledge”, as well as an “Afterthought” present, after all.

The people are able to like or dislike bombs and/or Mudkips. Now, why do they actually like or dislike bombs and/or Mudkips?

WHY they do not like bombs and/or Mudkips, as stated above, is relative. It is possible for a number of reasons that they might like a Mudkip that much more if it was THEIR Mudkip, and so I can only conclude that the same is true for bombs.

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4 responses to So, I heard you like Mudkips

  1. Mudkip is a racist slang term for Latin Americans, particularly the criminal and / or parasitic immigrant kind, you know that right?

    • It’s more amazing that there is a person, much like myself, who thinks only of Pokemon when it is said.

      • Pokemon, enslaving imaginary creatures and having them fight for our pleasure. You might be better with the racial slur.

        • Another lost soul in search of fuckery. How about you take your will for the world of Pokemon and the fans (Former and present) therein, and shove it down the cockhole? I can’t believe that suffering is waiting for people.

          But thank you. I will make note to emend these facts publicly. Mudkips are everywhere on 4chan. They’re an innocent part of society. The fact you are saying this is proof that someone did dare lock people in a cage where they have to suffer over all those things they thought were innocent in life.

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