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“Security Camera Vid…” … What Happened? Answer:

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December 5, 2012 in Politics


I have got to say that this move by “Coca-Cola Company” has got to be some of the worst possible advertising policy that “They” could have chosen!  Coke claims (the “DMCA”)-Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 28/10/1998 under U.S. Law, yet, does not anywhere on their “Terms of Usage Site” link or mention this video. It may be that it is in the U.S. Copyright offices, buried under hundreds of thousands of Corporate subsidiaries, their links and threads, that are so deep in the Matrix, as to enable a claim before anyone can search the filing data base…

IF? That is IF? !!!, This message is TRUTH?  —- “Security Camera Vid…”    ”This video no longer available due to a copyright claim by The Coca-Cola Company.”   ThIs quote from Coca-Cola Company is what you will find with a little research.  This video of people doing GOOD DEEDS, caught on CCTV and other surveillance systems, edited together with no mention of The Afore Mentioned Corporations Product is “Forbidden”… So If ,”They” made it?,  If the short video was real or staged?  Why is there absolutely NO MENTION OF, or PRODUCT PLACEMENT OF “The Coca-Cola Company!-?…   



I do not drink, and have not had “Corporate” soda since I was very young. I highly suggest if you use even the “Diet” type; You Stop!  Not because “They” (Coca-Cola Company) have taken this video, a message of GOOD, Down. Because THEIR PRODUCTS are, and for a long time, have been POISON! By that I mean to say in all TRUTH their use is making You Ill, through “CORPORATE”  SLOW-SOFT (Drink) KILL!


O.K., I am done with this Rant… Just wanted to give you the low down on what would have been a positive advertising campaign… If it does really have anything to do with Coca-Cola Company?  It may be that it is embedded with a load of “DRINK ME, BUY ME, NEED ME, Subliminal Messages…  I would sermise that they would want their message to go viral…

Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet… 05/12/2012…   Survive-All…  P.S. It is by Right of my First Amendment Freedoms that this post is created!    

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