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November 15, 2012 in Politics


Before Alex Jones on his live broadcast today; laid out his plan for secession, I had already thought about  secession, being the only true option left to dissolve the leadership as is; so that we can send them home and send new people to truly represent us in Washington D.C.  The idea is to have a consensus in unity of the majority of the people of the fifty states respectfully.  This will be difficult to promote, but given time and the right messages, the people might just join the bandwagon.  However, it will be a hard sell with a significant percentage of the American population, and that is the problem.  Those individuals will be the ones bearing arms against the rest of us…in a Second Civil War fostered by the propaganda machines from the New World Order interests.  We do not want to see states trying to claim their own national recognition as an individual nation.  The United States of America need to stay intact for strength and stability.   If we cannot maintain unity; it only plays into the New World Order’s game plan.   We will be weakened and divided and will invite an invasion by outside enemy forces.  The main objective is to restore Constitutional Law one hundred percent to the United States of America.  All other laws legislated, since the founding fathers laid the foundation of this great nation will be considered null and void, and revisited on a case by case basis.  With all that said….    It will be a very very dangerous move, because the New World Order Elites will change up their plans, by possibly fostering an invasion of America by Chinese, Russian, etc…armed forces.   While us… liberty loving Americans will try to avert a bloody Second American Revolution by exercising the true states right of secession peacefully, we will more than likely open the door to a bloody revolution, with a civil war within, and a war against our main foes in this World.  God Bless America!


***God Bless Alex Jones and all those that will unite to follow him in the secession movement.***

NOTE:  I fear… by Alex Jones openly fostering secession, he very well may be targeted under the new NDAA.

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4 responses to SECESSION Plan Talk

  1. The conflict will begin when U.S. troops and foreign troops begin going door to door to take our weapons and food. Secession movement will be a footnote in the history books. In what area do you want to put your efforts towards? I say, prepping for a long conflict! Avoid the FEMA camps at all cost!

  2. Basically all these petitions are all anti-federalist principles standing up again. I firmly believe that most of the states would immediately join together for mutual defense and commerce, leaving only bits of the Northeast and the west coast on their own. We’d be a true federation of sovereign states and that is something the NWO CANNOT deal with.

  3. Don’t worry about Alex Jones. He can handle himself. Worry about yourself and your local community.

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