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SECESSION: Easy Option, Any Questions?…

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November 20, 2012 in Politics


I have been writing about “The SECESSION MOVEMENT”, in Articles which information changes faster than Hurricane Sandy. With the Federal Front now deeply entrenched, the lame duck is cutting loose…  On the other side of the coin, All 50 States have achieved the requisite number (25,000) of signatures to present to their Governors. The overall numbers are climbing faster than those of the electorate that made a choice for, … well;   Just what did they choose?   Did The People Choose? 

Dr. Paul says it, and Politico covers it. Have you signed the SECESSION PETITION? Check your State, as there is a grass root movement and there are many different reasons, all with the basic call for SECESSION. Some have riders calling for the IMPEACHMENT of “Barry”, some go no further than SECESSION giving no thought to infrastructure. The idea is to convene a New Continental Congress to appoint Delegates, to Represent Individual States, as per “The Articles of Confederation”.  

If you are not happy with the movements reasons for SECESSION, you may move to another State that is tailored to your concepts and principles. In the end the reasons are sound to take back the “REPUBLIC”! It is no longer “The will of the People” that runs the NATION, and that, it is written, having come upon the Republic is the “DUTY” of THE PEOPLE to Rectify… More in the future on the steam rolling numbers to return from a co-opted socialist/fascist take over, by external Money Powers, OUR ”United States”.

 We control the government, NOT the opposite! It was a Union of States, posting a Federal System, with “Checks and Balances” for overall Security from Exactly what has Come to pass! We the People: Your Voice in Our Government | The White Househttps://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions

Here is an easy start for ALL. There may be a Silent Majority, But, It Is A Sleeping Giant, and It Is About To AWAKEN!!  

Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet… 20/11/2012

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2 responses to SECESSION: Easy Option, Any Questions?…

  1. Greetings, Really excellent points and questions. I would copy and paste that comment, as an article, if I were you. You have hit upon the “Grass Roots” aspect of Secession very succinctly. Through fomentation on the one to one level. I have compressed data, and posted several. You have hit upon the micro-politic aspect, which I have only made mention of, “The Grass Roots”. My writings, at different times and places are geared for different age groups, people that are totally asleep, and here, tweaking and prying open any little bit that I see Awakened, Informed People might reflect upon and return with views Changed. This is to my benefit as well. Thank you, Happy Holidays, Survive-All… o…

  2. In the Original Continental Congress, colonial legislatures sent delegates
    to Philadelphia who were largely land and business owners. How is a new
    Continental Congress to be formed? These secession petitions are interesting
    expressions of public opinion, but no acceptable response can be expected
    from the White House. Is it reasonable to expect our state legislatures to
    take the matter any more seriously? In contemplating secession at the state
    level, I believe you must take respect for private property into account.
    State citizens will never participate unless they can be assured that their
    property will be protected. I suggest people meet together in their towns
    and villages and select delegates who are real brick-and-mortar business
    owners of enterprises which have no out-of-state offices or facilities, and
    approach these people, persuade these people to participate. We need people
    who are already leaders in their communities.

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